Quotes (14)

Rheinhardt: I'm a survivor. Ain't that great?

Rheinhardt: Americans - remember no matter what anyone says... we're OK! Only in America can a people say, "We're OK!" Now I want you to say that with me. "We're OK!" Say it with me. "We're OK!" Don't whisper it! Say it loud! "We're OK!" I want to feel it! "We're OK!"

[with comic irony]

Rheinhardt: Terrific!

Rheinhardt: [at the microphone, supposedly trying to calm a panicked crowd] Fellow Americans. Fellow Americans. Let us consider the American way. The American way... is innocence. In each and every situation we must display an innocence that is so vast and awesome that the entire world is reduced by it. When our boys drop a napalm bomb on a cluster of gibbering slants, it's a bomb with a heart. And inside the heart of that bomb, mysteriously but truly present, is a fat, little old lady on her way to the world's fair. And that lady is as innocent as she is fat and motherly.

Geraldine: [watching Rheinhardt, appalled] You smart-mouthed bastard.

Rheinhardt: Americans - our shoulders are broad, and sweaty. But our breath... is sweet!

Rheinhardt: That boy is gonna be late for his job at the morgue.

[first lines]

Farley: First, the man took a drink, friends. Then the drink took a drink. Then the drink took the man. Now that could be the end of the story. But because there is a power greater than ours that man was able to raise himself up and walk again in the sunlight of grace. Dearly beloved, that young man was myself.

Rheinhardt: Amen!

Rheinhardt: The future of America is up to you.

Bingamon: This is a station with a point of view.

Rheinhardt: What are you trying to prove?

Rainey: Not-not trying to prove anything... just... trying to stay alive.

Rainey: I think you're afraid of me already.

Rheinhardt: The only beast in the arena is the crowd.

Rheinhardt: God, I hate whiners! They're evil!

Geraldine: Why are you so mean?

Rheinhardt: Drunk defense... self defense.

Rheinhardt: [to Rainey] I too am a moralist like you, so I understand your anguish and I've got no right to deny it. So let me give you an alternative. Drop dead!

Geraldine: Rheinhardt, don't do that.

Geraldine: DROP DEAD... while you're among friends.

Farley: [putting on a facade as a preacher] Is there anything I can do for you, brother?

Rheinhardt: Yeah, Farley. You owe me fifty bucks.

Farley: Cool it, Rheinhardt!