Because of some fictitious historical events, the film was banned and never released in Turkey. After 43 years, on 26 May 2013, a digital TV platform broadcasted the movie for the first time ever.

According to the closing credits, the interiors of Osman Bey's Palace were filmed at Said Halim Pasha Manor, Turkey.

Was released in the UK as the supporting film in a double bill with I Walk the Line (1970).

Michèle Mercier was dubbed by Nikki Van der Zyl.

The film takes place in 1922.

Fikret Hakan is dubbed by Robert Rietty.

Salih Guney is dubbed by Roger Delgado, plus some bit players are dubbed by Delgado as well.

Paul Stassino is dubbed by David De Keyser.

Gun used by stars is a Thompson sub-machine gun with drum magazine and Lewis MG.

Star Tony Curtis presents and introduction and afterword for Charles Bronson's later movie Cabo Blanco (1980) on a 1998 DVD release for that picture. Cabo Blanco (1980) debuted about exactly a decade or ten years after You Can't Win 'Em All (1970) where Curtis and Bronson co-starred.

Fikret Hakan was 36 when he appeared in this movie

Tony Curtis received top / first billing, Charles Bronson received second billing, Michèle Mercier received third billing.

The film is banned in Turkey and is still allready.

Was originally offered to director Howard Hawks, who passed on it.

In spite of being 4th in the cast list Patrick Mcgee only appears at the end of the movie and only for 5 minutes.

Opening credits: All characters and events in this film are fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

The plot line closely resembles VERA CRUZ which included in its cast Charles Bronson.