[booking a protester]

Cop: Occupation?

William S. Polit, protester: Associate professor of history.

Cop: That's too long, Bill. I'll just put down clerk.

Mark: Would you like to go with me?

Daria: Where?

Mark: Wherever I'm going.

Daria: Are you *really* asking?

Mark: Is that your *real* answer?

[after Mark sees a girl on the street]

Morty: Who was that?

Mark: A girl from my long-gone past.

Morty: What's her name?

Mark: Alice - my sister.

Daria: You want some smoke?

Mark: You know, you're taking to a guy under discipline.

Daria: What's that?

Mark: Dope, I guess. But, this group I was in had rules against smoking. They were into a reality trip.

Daria: What a drag!

Daria: What do you mean reality trip? Oh yeah, they can't imagine things. Were you in with that group? Why didn't you get out?

Mark: I wasn't really in a group. I just couldn't stand their bullshit talk. It really bored the hell out of me. But, when it gets down to it, you have chose one side or the other.

Daria: There's a thousand sides - not just heroes and villains.

Mark: I always knew it'd be like this.

Daria: Us?

Mark: The Desert.

Male Black Radical Student #1: [first spoken lines] That's the same old jive that's been runnin' now for the past 300 years. If you all so wise and heavy, why didn't you join the strike in the beginning? Nah, you just go back and tell 'em, "Sorry, this motherfucker is *closed* down! On strike, Jack. "

Male Black Radical Student #1: Listen, man, Molotov cocktail is a mixture of gasoline and kerosene. White radicalism is a mixture of bull shit and jive!

Kid: [Daria walks onto a large wooden platform wanting to question a group of kids. The elementary school aged kids run to and quickly surround her. One of the boys, about 10 years old, asks Daria a question] Can we have a piece of ass?

Daria: Are you sure you'd know what to do with it?

Female White Radical Student #1: I don't have to prove my revolutionary credentials to you. You know, there's a lot of white students who are already out on the streets, fightin' just like, just like you guys do in the ghetto. And, you know, there's a lot of unhappy, dissatisfied white people who are potential revolutionaries.

Male Black Radical Student #1: You all, you all are dealin' with, you all are dealin' with things that are really irrelevant. But, see, you goin' back to the same thing that - you know, you get busted for grass and that makes you a revolutionary. Nah! When the pigs bustin' you on the head, see, kickin' down your door, stoppin' you from livin' when you can't get a job, you can't go to school, can't eat. That's what makes you a revolutionary. Dig?

Female White Radical Student #2: I think we understand. A lot of us have understood what makes Black people revolutionary. But, what's going to make white people revolutionaries?

Kathleen: The same God damn thing that makes Black people revolutionaries.

Female White Radical Student #2: But, it's not happening the same way.

Kathleen: You just wait. It will happen. You don't have to do anything to instigate it.

Kathleen: A basic point of any form of guerrilla confrontation is that the enemy is invisible. Things happen. They don't know where. They don't know how.

Male White Radical Student #1: This question about the enemy being invisible. I think you're wrong. You know, in terms of white support, I don't think it really matters that much. Because, if we're successful tomorrow, what will happen is the cops will consider every student, every single student, whether he's on the picket line or whether he's one of us or not. Every student, an enemy. And, once that happens, then, I think eventually, if we can keep up the pressure, then it will be a popular white thing.

Male Black Radical Student #2: There's one way to talk to the Man. And that's in his own language. If Man's language is a gun, we talk to him with a gun. It's very simple.

Mark: I'm willing to die, too.

Female White Radical Student #3: Alone?

Mark: But, not of boredom.

[exits the student strike meeting]

Male White Radical Student #1: What is this: meetings aren't his trip? What kind of nonsense is that? If he wants to be a revolutionary, he has to learn to work with other people.

Male White Radical Student #1: What was any revolutionary without other people? What was Lenin without his organization? What was Castro without his organization? Even anarchists spent most of their lives talking in meetings, for christ's sake.

Male Black Radical Student #1: You ought to take him and go back and start teaching him out of the Red book or somthin'. Teach him the first page. It teaches about if there's going to be a revolution there must be a revolutionary party. That bourgeois, bourgeoisie individualism that he's endorsing, man, is going to get him killed.

Cop: [Mark being arrested] Name?

Mark: Karl Marx.

Cop: How do you spell it?

Mark: M-A-R-X.

[Cop types: Marx Carl]

Daria: I'm looking for a little town that sounds like Glenville or Ballyville or something like that. Something with a "ville" in it. You know the desert. Does that ring a bell?

Lee Allen: A vi, a ville? What a minute. Hold on. A ville? What do you mean? Like a Danville?

Daria: Somewhere in the desert, man. Danville's in Connecticut. Or, maybe it's "hill".

Lee Allen: Well, what do you want to go to a town you don't know the name of for? Have you got somebody to meet?

Daria: My friend said it's a fantastic place for meditation.

Lee Allen: What do you do on a meditation?

Daria: You think about things.

Daria: [reading the information marker at "Zabriskie Point"] "This is an area of ancient lake beds deposited five to ten million years ago. These beds have been tilted and pushed upward by Earth forces, and eroded by wind and water. They contain borates and gypsum." Borates and gypsum?

Daria: What do you do besides fly airplanes?

Mark: Only yesterday I drove a forklift truck at a warehouse. I've done other things.

Daria: Been to college?

Mark: Some.

Daria: Why'd you leave? Grades?

Mark: Extracurricular activities.

Daria: Like what?

Mark: Like stealing hardcover books instead of paperbacks, making phone calls on the Chancellor's stolen credit card number, whistling in class - and bringing illegal things on campus, like, a dog, a bike and a woman.

Daria: So, tell me the rest of your criminal record.

Mark: Once I changed my color, but, it didn't work. So, I changed back.

Mark: Hear any news about the strike?

Daria: Not much. I prefer music.

Mark: It's getting like they don't even report it unless two or three hundred people get hurt.

Daria: Yeah, some kind of record.

Mark: Or, a cop.

Daria: Oh, a cop did get killed and some bushes were trampled. I was trying to find a rock station. I think they said the guy who killed the cop was white.

Mark: Oo, white man takin' up arms for the blacks, huh? Just like old John Brown.

Daria: Don't you feel at home here? It's peaceful.

Mark: It's dead.

Daria: You don't want to play that game?

Mark: I don't want to play any games at all.

Mark: It was nice of you to come with a guy who doesn't turn on.

Daria: I'm pretty tolerant.

Daria: Pretend your thoughts are like plants.

Mark: Okay.

Daria: What do you see? Neat rows? Like a garden? Or wild things? Like ferns and weeds and vines?

Mark: I see, sort of, the jungle.

Daria: It would be nice if they could plant thoughts in our head; so, nobody would have bad memories. We could plant, you know, wonderful things we did - like a happy childhood, real groovy parents, only good things.

Mark: Yeah and make out and forget how terrible it really was.

Daria: That's the point! Nothing's terrible!

Mark: Far out.

Daria: So any way. So any way.

Mark: What?

Daria: So any way - ought to be one word. The name of some place or a river. The So-any-way River.

Mark: [painting the Cessna 210] They might not even think its a plane. Strange, prehistoric bird spotted over Mojave Desert with its genitals out.

Gun Store Clerk: Help you boys?

Bill: We need some guns, right away, for self-defense.

Gun Store Clerk: Well, as long as you buy the guns now, then we check it out with Sacramento to see that the record is clean. You can pick it up in four or five days.

Bill: But, the law was made for peacetime. This is an emergency.

Mark: You see, we live in a neighborhood that's, eh, borderline. You know what I mean? We've got to protect our women.

Gun Store Clerk: We'll sure as hell see that you don't go defenseless. For your purposes, fellas, I wouldn't recommend anything smaller than a 38.

Gun store owner: Say, boys. One other thing about the law, so you can protect your house. So, if you shoot 'em in the back yard, be sure you drag 'em inside.

Daria: Did you hear that the Mexican air force is bombing the grass along the border?

Mark: I wonder what else is going on in the rest of the world?

Daria: Tbe radio said somebody stole a plane in L.A. this morning. Did you really steal that thing? How come?

Mark: I needed to get off the ground.

Daria: [returning the shirt he tossed out of the plane] Thanks for the nightie, but I don't think I can use it.

Mark: How come? Wrong color?