Jimmy Dooley: I didn't want a duck! I wanted a puppy!

Katie Dooley: Jimmy, don't bother your father with that now. He's got little enough on his mind as it is.

Jimmy Dooley: Mr. Hooper next door... he has a dog. He can afford to feed it. It's a great big one.

Professor Albert Dooley: Mr. Hooper next door works for the U.S. Treasury and they have all our money. He could afford a giraffe.

Finley Hooper: I wish that fool professor made enough money so I could investigate him.

Doctor Gottlieb: Excuse me. I have to go recheck the IQ of this chimp - a hundred and forty, higher than mine.

Fred Hines: Look Al, sweetheart. I'm only trying to save you money. I mean by making me a partner, you'll save paying me all those exorbitant lawyer's fees.