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  • In 1970,this kind of pirate movie was already out of date.Only the long discussion about the re-population of the island by thieves ,renegades and prostitutes saved from the gibbet indicates time has passed: the bawdy language which insists on the "stallion "use of the men would have had problems with censorship ten years before,for which is essentially a movie aimed at the teenager/children's market.

    Although made by Tony Mulligan aka Antonio Mollica ,only the lead is American:Robert Woods ,who resembles George Hilton,another specialist of the genre at the time.

    After a "cultural " introduction in which we are told that "buccaneers " could end up serving a country and thus become corsairs ,blah blah ,blah" ,most of the "screenplay" consists of duels-exclusively fought by the hero ,with a little help from others,now and then -,battles on the ships or on dry land...which becomes monotonous in the long run .

    Besides the movie hesitates between tongue-in-chick humor (the priest counting his money,supposedly for the poor,the blue jokes in the hold)and "deeply moving" scenes (the death of Jeffrey's henchman);it loses on all counts.