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  • This story is an interesting portrait of a really evil young lady and what makes it more interesting is that it's seen through the eyes of her very naive parents. The story begins with the parents (Shelly Winters and John Randolph) flying to New York City to meet with a lawyer (Arthur Kennedy). It seems their daughter Buffy (Tisha Sterling) is being held for murder and the parents are absolutely positive it's all a misunderstanding, as their sweet girl never could have done anything so wretched. However, through the course of the film, the mother starts to see another side to her daughter--a side that seems far more concerned about her boyfriend (also charged with murder) and whose biggest concern is what her parents can buy her!

    This is an excellent film and it is an excellent look at what would no doubt be considered a Depent Personality with Antisocial features (or, possibly an Antisocial AND Dependent Personality). I used to be a psychotherapist and unfortunately worked with many people like this. Such a person is an individual whose sole concern is the person they depend upon---other things just aren't important. What their partner wants or demands, they do. And, since they also are antisocial (since they lack a conscience), they don't mind using or killing someone in order to keep the person loving them. In essence, if the man (or woman in many other cases) says 'kill'....they do, lest they lose the man because they disobeyed! Sick? Absolutely...and absolutely detestable. But the way the film let this out slowly and showing the mother's reaction...that what made this a very special made for TV movie. Very well done and chilling to see a murderer with this little regard for her actions.
  • petersjoelen29 November 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    In dutch there is a term that goes as fallows : soft healers are making stinking wounds . In other words if you don't correct bad behavior it will get worse . That is in esence the the story of this film . In these modern times of upraising kids and the lack of punishment for bad behavior ( it seems almost a taboo to strike your child ) i don't think this movie could be made in this time . In the movie the mother at the end realizes the mistakes she made , i don't think that is realistic , i think most parents would not be able to confront themselves with this hard truth . To bad that the father was absent during most of the later moments because he is equally responsible ( maybe even more ) than his wife .