Claude Roc: What's wrong with me today? I look old!

Muriel Brown: Love doesn't complicate life, but the uncertainly of love.

Ann Brown: If you send for a doctor, I will see him now.

Muriel Brown: Dearest Claude... I came to see you to bury this thing. I'm glad you were the first, because it's you, because you wanted it. I shan't cry. Listen to me as you once did when I told you love was stirring in me. Now I tell you that is must die. So that I may live.

Claude Roc: I'd rather not be between you, I'd like to be able to look at both of you.

Mrs. Brown: I must ask you to stay with our friend, Mr. Flint. That's his house there.

[points to Mr. Flint's house]

Mrs. Brown: I also want to say this: If Anne's prediction comes true, if one day a stronger feeling grows between you and Muriel, and you both deign to recognise it, I'll not be against it, personally. Though, I have my doubts about international messages.