[last title card]

Title card: Elizabeth ruled England for another sixteen years. She died as she had lived, unmarried and childless. The thrones of England and Scotland passed to the only possible claimant... a man, King James the First - only son of Mary Stuart... Queen of Scots.

[last lines]

Executioner: Forgive me, madam.

Mary, Queen of Scots: I forgive you with all my heart. I thank you even. I hope this death shall put an end to all my troubles. For in my end is my beginning.


Mary, Queen of Scots: Lord, into your hands I commend my spirit.

William Cecil: But with Dudley comes the future crown of England. No true monarch will turn her back on that, not even Mary of Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth: That monarch is first a woman.

William Cecil: You would never ignore such an offer for a pretty fellow.

Queen Elizabeth: This woman is first a monarch.

[first title card]

Title card: 1558 / England and Scotland are torn apart by family and religious wars. Mary Stuart, the Catholic queen of Scotland, is married to the king of France. / When he dies she returns to Scotland to claim her throne and immediately becomes involved in a fight for power with Elizabeth, the Protestant queen of England. This is the story of the fierce struggle between... the rival queens.

William Cecil: [to Mary] Madam, you cast an evil spell on all you meet... except me.

Queen Elizabeth: [making a last appeal to Mary before her trial] For the first time in your life, put from you your personal desires and behave like a Queen. Think of your son, who will one day rule these two kingdoms, and do as I say.

Mary, Queen of Scots: [walks away, then turns to face her] No. You cannot tempt me. You are the Devil. I will not succumb to you.

Queen Elizabeth: [exploding in anger] Jesu!

Mary, Queen of Scots: In all my early years, I was misled and betrayed. I sinned most grievously. I lost my faith. I will deny nothing to you here in this room, madam, for I have repented of it all. I have made my peace with God. I begged him that I might atone for all that has gone before, and He has brought me here to die in glory. I was greatly punished... my kingdom, my possessions, my child, my husband were all taken from me; I have been shut away for many years in abject misery; and now I must die. It is my destiny... and it is your destiny, Elizabeth to kill me. I leave to you the pomp, the power, the intrigue and all that a prince in this world must endure or may enjoy. Nothing you can say or do will avoid my martyrdom, so now it is I who pity you, for you cannot avoid ordering the thing you have always feared more than Death itself... the judicial murder of an annointed Queen.

Queen Elizabeth: [to Mary] Madam, if your head had matched your heart, I would have been the one awaiting death.

Walsingham: [speaking of Elizabeth] How she longs to hear of Mary's death.

William Cecil: And how she dreads it.

Queen Elizabeth: [she has just told Mary that she deliberately sent Darnley to Scotland] Any Queen who could be gulled by such a wicked, pretty fellow and take him to her bed and put a crown upon his head does not inspire fear. She inspires pity. You have my pity, madam, as you had it on the day I sent Darnley north, knowing you to be without wisdom, discretion or any of the attributes of a Queen. I see you have learned nothing since. It is not surprising that you are spoken of in the courts of Europe as an infamous royal whore!

[first lines]

Francis - King of France: [screams] La Vierge!

Mary, Queen of Scots: What is it? What is it?

Francis - King of France: My head! My head!

Mary, Queen of Scots: Be still, be still, put your head down.

Francis - King of France: Please, help me.

Mary, Queen of Scots: [Elizabeth has refused to help her and plans to keep her in custody] You have deceived me! You are in league with my brother. I will answer to no accusations! Who is there who may try me? Who is my equal? Will you do it? In public before the eyes of the world? No! You lack the courage! You hope to dishonor me! It is you who are dishonored!

Queen Elizabeth: Did you believe I would send you back to Scotland at the head of a great army? Did you believe I would sacrifice my reputation on your behalf? It is not enough, madam, to speak one's mind in season and out as you do. That is not the conduct of a Queen. It is the outpouring of a pampered woman demanding all indulge her. It does not surprise me that you are here helpless and your brother rules. You are not fit for the high office to which you were born.

Mary, Queen of Scots: And you, madam, who hate me and wish me dead and fear to kill me, you are my mortal enemy.

Mary, Queen of Scots: [Leicester has just prevented her from striking Elizabeth] My lord, I urge you to guard your mistress well... for there are many who would wish her dead!