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  • alokc30 April 2007
    Maryada is one of the initial films signed by the Super Star of all times Rajesh Khanna and he is paired with Mala Sinha. Raajumar is there in the movie too. In fact RaajKumar has the lead role with Rajesh Khanna playing the second fiddle. But Rajesh Khanna leaves his mark in this movie and ends up giving a good tough time to RaajKumar. Mala Sinha's role gets subdued between the two great actors. The music by Kalyajni Anandji is great and there are good numbers of Kishore Kumar and Mukesh which were picturized on Rajesh Khanna. It is a must see for Rajesh Khanna fans as he performs well in front of two senior actors- RaajKumar and Mala Sinha.
  • sanjayppc16 April 2014
    Maryada was released when Rajesh Khanna was at the peak of his career. So, it is slightly surprising that he shares screen space with Raaj Kumar. During the making of this film, Kaka lost his father but he did not let that affect the shooting.

    He makes his appearance only after about 20 mins into the film. His pairing with Mala Sinha is disappointing, he looks like her younger brother. Also, in the climax, it is Raaj Kumar who saves him from the villain Pran which will not go down well with kaka fans.

    Songs are superb, but the storyline is pretty ordinary.

    The film became a hit mainly because of the rajesh mania at that time.
  • Some pretty serious plot holes and logical failures but an otherwise interesting story and decent acting make this worth watching.
  • Pros A good script with powerful cast (Raaj Kumar, Rajesh Khanna and Mala Sinha) having some nice dialogues made it worth a watch. Cons Music and climax could have been better.
  • During the seventies there were several films like this one with no head or tail.An actor of Raaj Kumar's calibre is wasted here and Mala Sinha's pairing with Khanna is embarrassing.The story is rubbish.Could have been better with a little more imagination.The script is not too bad and the outdoor scenery is superb.Raaj Kumar and Pran are miscasted as well as Mala Sinha though their acting is good.The film begins to flounder with the entry of Khanna.His looks make him more the younger brother of Ms.Sinha and Raaj Kumar.As for the music one or two tunes are above average.With his distinctive style of acting Kumar could have made more impact had the story been realistic.He looks stupid in the village costumes.Pran excels as always.One of the worst Raaj Kumar films i have ever seen.
  • This movie can be put into the genre of formulaic films, but for the sad song "Zuban per dard bhari daastan chali aye".

    The wording of this song and the perfect voice quality of Mukesh, the terrifically thrilling night windstorm, melodramatic music and morose acting by Rajesh Khanna is something special to watch. The anguished and perplexed vibes frozen on the face of Rajesh during this particular song are an excellent display of his magnetic screen presence during the early 70s. Another music number "Chupke se dil dye de" also carries some romantic appeal which is a duet filmed on Rajesh and Mala Sinha.

    On cold lonely days, when there is no other task ahead, watching this flick, especially the aforesaid sad song, with a hot cup of tea should be worthwhile.