John McCabe: If a frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his ass so much, follow me?

John McCabe: Well, you'll have to forgive me, my kitchen ain't in operation yet, but I could take you up to the restaurant up there if you're hungry enough.

Constance Miller: I'm hungry enough I could eat a bloody horse.

John McCabe: Well, at Sheehan's place you probably will.

Constance Miller: Ah, the frontier wit, I see.

John McCabe: I got poetry in me!

John McCabe: Hey pard, you know how to square a circle? Shove a four-by-four up a mule's ass.

John McCabe: If a man is fool enough to get into business with a woman, she ain't going to think much of him.

Butler: That man never killed anyone in his life.

Constance Miller: Look, Mr. McCabe, I'm a whore!

John McCabe: You boys gotta make up your minds if you want to get your cookies. Cause if you want to get your cookies, I've got girls up here that'll do more tricks than a goddamn monkey on a hundred yards of grapevine.

[first lines]

John McCabe: [muttering to himself] I told you... Think I'm stupid?... S'exactly what I said. Six, six of 'em...

Constance Miller: It's not so bad. You might even like it! You did just fine with Bart.

Ida: But with him I had to. It was my duty.

John McCabe: All you've cost me so far is money and pain...

John McCabe: Pain, pain, pain...

John McCabe: You ain't shittin' me, is you?

John McCabe: I feel sorry for 'em, I do!

Constance Miller: They get paid for killin', nothin' else.

Townsperson: [burial prayer] Almighty God in Heaven who sees and knows all the sinful acts that offend him on this earth. The swift and powerful blade of justice lays open the serpent of people and leaves its putrid flesh to rot under Heaven's sun and sends its soul to burn forever in Hell's fire. Accept the toil of this servant as atonement for his sins and grant him entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven and everlasting life at the foot of the Almight throne. Amen.