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  • This is not Jean Rollin's best film, but it might be his most essential one for fans because it combines the moody visuals of films like "Fascination" and "Two Orphan Vampires" with the perverse softcore sex of films like "Bacchanales Sexuales". Two teenage virgins run away from a school party (which in the strange Rollin universe somehow involves dressing as clowns, having a shoot-out with police, and disposing of the body of their dead male accomplice in a burning car). After a bizarre accident while walking through a graveyard that almost results in one girl being buried alive, they arrive at a deserted castle and do what any two virgins would do in a 70's Eurohorror/sex movie--strip off all their clothes for some hot lesbian action. Soon though they meet the occupants of the castle who are, of course, vampires. Freely rewriting the vampire rulebook, Rollin's vampires in this movie can not pass their curse on to anyone except virgins. Any non-virgins are chained to the wall while the monstrous man-servants have their way with them in gratuitous sex scenes before the female vampire suck their blood from their breasts and the male vampire changes into a bat to commit an act of bestiality that no pervert in the world would find erotic (you have admire the sheer audacity of Rollin if nothing else).

    The conflict happens when one girl decides to lose her virginity while the other decides to preserve hers and join the ranks of the living dead. But the bonds of love and friendship are not easily broken. This movie addresses some real themes of coming-of-age and friendship (albeit in a fantastical and at times ridiculous milieu), but no one will confuse it with "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer". If you're looking for sex,on the other hand, you certainly won't be disappointed, but unlike all the erotic vampire movies they churn out these days, this is a vampire film with a lot of sex, not a sex film with vampiric trappings. And there is something very personal and obsessive about Rollin's films that the modern-day hacks can never hope imitate. This movie contains all manner of memorable images--preserved human arms holding candles, posed skeletons dressed in clerical robes, a girl in a mini-skirt lying on a coffin being buried alive by oblivious gravediggers, a girl clamoring around the ruins of a Gothic castle dressed in nothing but knee socks. Good or bad, Rollin is definitely a one-of-a-kind filmmaker.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Initially, this incredibly simplistic film may look like a step backwards for Rollin after the highly experimental Rape of the Vampire and the highly strange The Nude Vampire but it could also be argued that it is, in fact a precursor to the dream-like The Iron Rose. It looks like it was shot over a long weekend and, indeed, would perhaps have worked better as a short film. The plot, what there is of it, concerns two girls (dressed as clowns) on the run after killing a would-be rapist. After their getaway driver is killed, they stumble upon a castle in which resides the last of the vampires and his servants. Aside form the odd diversion (one of the girls meets a man in a graveyard and offers him his virginity so as to remain free of the vampire's curse) that's about it.

    Upon first viewing the film, there is very little to get out of it aside from the odd bit of S+M imagery (chained up naked girls attacked by bats, a kinky lesbian whipping scene) but ones whole perspective changes when one discovers that Rollin wrote it in ONE NIGHT. For those unfamiliar with Rollin, this would simply re-enforce the notion that what they are watching is complete crap but for those familiar with his work, it provides and excellent insight into the man's unconscious. Rollin's work is all about repressed sexual desire; his films are essentially adolescent fantasies, which is why many of them feel like fairy tales; they disguise their true meaning through the circumstances under which the images are presented. This is a true relic of the 60's/70's, a time in which Western culture was going through its own adolescence. Perhaps part of the problem with cinema today is that it has none of the innocence of that sexually uncertain time.
  • Anyanwu24 March 2000
    This film was rated higher by others than I would have thought. Vampires usually do a lot of biting and blood sucking. There was more erotic virgin handling and molestation than biting and the like in this one. The use of silence in the film gave it a surreal quality. The whole movie was dream-like. The lure of the victims was not captured. The chase and seduction is the best thing about vampires but those subtleties were lost here. But, I must admit, the film did remind me of Vampyros Lesbos and, to a lesser extent, Suspiria. I must state that vampire films do not have to be bloody etc. But a little blood at the bite would have been welcomed. Not a bad watch if you seek those who walk at night.
  • One of Rollin's best, although lacking the stylish gaudiness of his earlier masterpieces. However, considered as the work of an impressively productive director with about as many misses as hits, this film holds a high ranking in his oeuvre. He starts smash dab in the middle of obviously complicated unexplained criminal events, with the two female protagonists done up in ludicrous clown costumes. After the death of their fellow fugitive, they set fire to their car and wander off into the woods. Dark, young beauty Mireille Dargent stumbles into an open grave and ends up covered in opened dirt as nearby Marie-Pierre Castle watches, too scared to speak. Once unearthed, she and her friend find a seemingly abandoned castle with a decomposing body in the basement. Some uninspired vampires bring the girls to their dungeon of depravity. Dying vamp Philippe Gasté, the last of his kind in great need to make more with the help of vamp pal Anne-Dominique Toussaint, gives them a wee bite. They're somewhat uncertain about this idea of slowing turning into the blood-sucking undead, but things head in unexpected directions from here in typical Rollin style, if typical can be described as such. Although many of Rollin's women find themselves thrust unexpectedly into a world of evil, a close inspection of their characters from the beginning suggest a previous loss of innocence. Rollin's women do not succumb to these influences - indeed, they generally escape from their perilous situations - but it's important to remember that this sort of behavior may well not be old hat to them. Requiem uses extremely effective pacing, which many mistake as boring. Some extremely long takes contain little distinguishable action, denying the audience a passive film experience. This style of filmmaking instead demands total audience involvement, with only occasional instances of the glossy seduction suggested by the film's pretext. Rollin's decision to spend so much screen time on seemingly aimless wandering evokes a misguided spiritual quest, with obvious sexual connotations in the form of vampires. The experimental score by Pierre Raph, who worked with Rollin on the notorious Démoniaques, compliments this uncertain, possibly confused journey. In stark contrast to these rather profound elements stands the unnecessarily graphic sexual torture that goes on the castle's dungeon. This goes to an unnecessary extreme - I can't, for example, imagine anyone enjoying the image of a bat nestling in a woman's vagina. However, movies do need a target audience and Rollin could easily have chosen a worse genre into which to work his ideas. After this film, Toussaint began her career as a producer.. Dargent and Castle, prototypical Rollin girls, appeared in several other of his films.
  • After escaping an auto shootout, two sexy female clowns (yeah) stumble upon a mysterious old castle full of classy vampires and some giant viking-type men. There, they bear witness to the vampyric rituals and are forced to remain as vampires, but they must lose their virginity first to become a real vampire.

    Like many Jean Rollin films, Requiem pour un Vampire is a very erotic, dreamlike film that utilizes limited dialogue and unlimited sexy French women. . . even though more than a few of them actually do have hairy armpits (I'm not just stereotyping!). Rollin includes more than a few fantastically cool ideas. . . especially the vampire bats that performed oral sex on the captive women. It's very well shot, Rollin's direction is superb in this picture. And, while it does lack a bit in the story, it still maintains a very enjoyable and likable fairytale-like quality. As any fan of this type of erotic horror will tell you, as long as you've got plenty of hot people getting acquainted, some blood, and a pretty setting. . . you're all set. There's really not too much to say about this film other than. . . enjoy it.

    Final verdict: 7.5/10.

    Vive La France!

  • I would imagine that few Americans can identify Jean Rollin. But Portland's video/DVD store Movie Madness has a whole shelf of his movies. From what I saw in "Vierges et vampires" (aka "Requiem for a Vampire"), I would derive that his movies involve gore and full-scale erotica. Specifically, this one has two hot teenage girls running away from school and ending up in a castle inhabited by sex-obsessed vampires. By sex-obsessed, I mean that there's a scene where the vampires torture some prisoners, and much of the whole sequence consists of shots of women's naked bodies.

    So, since I haven't seen any of Rollin's other movies, I'll have to assume that his movies consist of this...and I LIKE IT! As far as I'm concerned, this is what horror movies were meant to be! If there's any guiltier pleasure, I'm not sure that I want to know about it. Specifically, this is the sort of movie that I'd like to experience.

    So, I recommend this movie. If, having not seen this movie, you thought that you knew to what extent the French are into love and sexuality, then you ain't seen nothing yet! Because I must repeat: those girls were REALLY hot!
  • Two lovely ladies are on the run (why? I'm not sure} and find shelter in a rather Gothic, sprawling castle in the French countryside. They soon run into the lord of the manor, an aged vampire looking to use their luscious, virgin (yeah, right!) bodies as vessels for his progeny. A lot of flesh, a bit of bondage and a touch of lesbianism punctuate another erotic horror masterpiece from French filmmaker Jean Rollin.

    It's somewhat hard to recommend a Rollin film to the uninitiated. Often surreal but almost always beautiful, thanks in part to the lovely ladies frequently in the buff and the photography pf the locations. Rollin clearly has an eye for beauty. However the plots and story lines are often very slight. Heck there is hardly any dialogue in the first thirty to forty minutes of 'Requiem'. But man does he have an eye.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film is known under several titles and I viewed it as "Caged Virgins" according to the outside of the tape but when it started to play the credits listed it as "Dungeon of Virgins". Anyway, this is a moderately effective exploitation film that has tons of nudity and unsuccessful attempts at horror. The story starts out with two girls and a guy fleeing in their car after a murder and being chased but suddenly the male is shot and the car is steered off the road where it is hidden. Marie (Marie Pierre Castel) and Michelle (Mireille D'Argent) burn the car and the body and start to wander the countryside. They come across a cemetery and behind it they discover what appears to be an old castle so they enter it and discover that it is not uninhabited.

    *****SPOILER ALERT*****

    They run into some female vampires and their male servants so the girls try and outrun them but they keep getting caught. They are introduced to the head vampire (Philippe Gaste) who tells them that he is the last of his kind and that since they are virgins they can help keep his legacy alive. Marie and Michelle are both bit and told to help lure men into the castle for them to feed on. Marie meets a man and decides to lose her virginity to him and later she asks him to help her get out.

    This was directed by Jean Rollin who made a career out of making erotic vampire/supernatural films and while this is extremely low budget and highly exploitive this film still creates an effective mood that enhances the story. This is a film that has very little dialogue and there are a number of scenes where the two characters just walk around never speaking. I watched this film waiting to hear the names of the two girls and only once in a scene did I hear D'Argent call her friend Marie. I had to look at other reviews to find out that D'Argent is named Michelle. To say that this is an exploitation film is like saying "Titanic" is about a boat! When the two girls first enter the castle they find a bed and immediately get naked where they start to engage in lesbianism. Then later in the dungeon we see several naked woman chained to the walls where they are raped by the overly horny male slaves. This film does use it's locations to it's advantage and with the remote landscape and quietness of the film this gives a genuine sense of being really lost in the middle of nowhere. The two lead actresses Castel and D'Argent don't really act much except when staring at everything around them like deer caught in the headlights. They both wear these young girl outfits and have on these noisy shoes that make an annoying clacking sound when they run. They can't run very fast with them on so why didn't they take them off? This is definitely not a film for everyone but if your a fan of exploitation like myself than this is a film that delivers the goods. But I'm not talking about the horror part of the film, if you know what I mean.
  • Marie and Michelle are two girls dressed as clowns and on the run from someone with a grudge, this is at least where the film begins with a shoot 'em up car chase through the french countryside. There male companion gets killed in the crossfire and the girls decide to hide out in a seemingly deserted Château where they indulge themselves in some Lesbian sex before they discover they are not alone .The last surviving Vampire and his followers want to enrol the two girls in to the realms of the living dead, but not before they get the girls to lure some fresh blood to the château with the promise of sex.

    Rollin's imagery is superb,two wonderfully colourful clowns wandering through barley is quite an exquisite scene,in this often ponderously slow film, the vampires look cool except for some dodgy fangs, there isn't too much of a plot really and I can readily see why some would hate Rollin's work. Rollin seems to my eyes to have his own unique language of film which he sticks to till the bitter end. My main problem with the film is that it was cut to bits, The DVD sleeve said 88mins where in actuality it was a paltry 76mins,IMDB says 95mins so I'm not too sure what I've missed and how badly the continuity was hampered by this, a lot I would guess.Not my last Rollin film,I'll certainly watch some more
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Vierges et Vampires,or Requiem for a Vampire as it's more commonly known to English speaking audiences, starts with a 'high' speed car chase through the French countryside which ends in the death of one guy & two young women dressed as clowns, Marie (Marie-Pierre Castel) & Michelle (Mireille Dargent) escaping on foot. Eventually they end up at a run down Château where they discover a Vampire & his group of followers, Marie & Michelle are initiated into the world of Vampirism as the head Vampire dude plans on turning them into the blood drinking undead...

    This French production was produced, written & directed by Jean Rollin & personally I didn't think too much of it. The script is rather slow going to start with & nothing particularly significant happens for about an hour until things pick up a bit towards the end. The plot is virtually none existent as you would expect from Rollin who could never be accused of wasting good running time on small unnecessary things like a coherent storyline. The dialogue (spoken in French so expect subtitles) is sparse to say the least & the amount of meaningful conversation can be counted on one hand while it seemed to me that a good 40 odd minutes past without anyone saying a single word. The character's are as one dimensional as could possibly be, it's dull, boring & doesn't make a whole load of sense & quite frankly I didn't get much, if any, enjoyment or entertainment from it.

    Director Rollin again puts the visuals way before the story which in my opinion is a bad move all day long. Anyway, I didn't think that this was his best film visually but the colours, lighting, imagery, locations & cinematography give it a certain style & flair. I must mention the Vampires, they are probably the worst looking Vampires I've seen in a film. They're fangs look so fake it's untrue, the colour of them, the way they look like plastic, the strange angle they exit the mouth & they just don't fit properly. That bird with long red hair looked really funny in close-up. There isn't much gore, just dead rotten corpse although there is some nudity & sex.

    Technically Vierges et Vampires is good & it's well made, no one was ever questioning Rollins ability to make a film just his ability to write a script for one that makes any sort of sense! Since the dialogue is so sparse & it's in French I couldn't really tell you how good the acting was although some of the faces these people pull are worth a few laughs on their own.

    Vierges et Vampires is just a collection of loosely connected imagery as usual with Rollin. Personally I'm not a fan of his work or style although I'm sure there are people out there who are, it's definitely not for me though.
  • So its another pretentious art / exploitation film from Jean Rollin.

    I still found lots to enjoy. From the wonderful locations to the beautiful women. Its story does not make that much sense, but thats part of the charm of these films. Given the right budget and script I always thought Rollin could make a brilliant film. As it is this is full of brilliant imagery.

    The script is not up to much but fan of Euro horror will love. It should not be ignored and is probably better than anything coming out of Hollywood at the moment...

    So why not give something different a go.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Two "teenage virgins", Marie & Michelle(Marie-Pierre Castel & Mireille Dargent)have escaped from I'm guessing a reform school. Their driver was killed as another car's inhabitants(I'm guessing the police)blast out their vehicle's back window with gunfire. Hiding away from those hunting them and burning the car(..and dead driver), Marie and Michelle hide out temporarily in a cemetery( one weird scene, Michelle trips into a freshly dug grave knocking herself out on the casket while a member of the grounds almost buries her alive!)until their safety is assured. There's seemingly abandoned greystone ruins of a château near the cemetery surrounded by massive trees and an idyllic countryside for which Marie and Michelle decide to hopefully inhabit for the time being. What they don't expect is a female vampiress, Erica(Dominique Toussaint)who has a barbaric entourage of hunters as servants who rush them. When the girls try to flee, bats hanging from tree branches "hypnotise" them enabling Erica to capture them as she plans for Michelle and Marie to meet her master, the last full male vampire whose powers have weakened over the ages. Erica isn't completely a vampire despite her fangs and blood-drinking..she can still tolerate sunlight and isn't a true member of the undead. Her blood sister Louise(Louise Dhour)is even less a vampiress for she doesn't have the luxury of fangs. Louise is the type of vampire sister who hands down the orders from her lord and plays the piano; she's also the one who watches her master's casket. Michelle and Marie are introduced to the last male vampire as he bites them from behind. Michelle and Marie try to escape the next day but run around in circles it seems..despite following different paths hoping to escape, they always return to the château with a skull at the door. Louise informs Michelle and Marie that they are to be initiated into the vampire fraternity having received the "divine bite of the vampire", but first must lose their virginity to him. Louise points out that you can not be a virginal vampire. They wish for Michelle and Marie, before their initiation, to lure male prey to the château by nightfall. Marie meets, falls in love with, and loses her virginity to a man walking the cemetery one day named Frederick. She later tries to save him from being a victim of Erica's. The older man who Michelle lures(thanks to a striptease & drawing him by giving chase)isn't so lucky. Michelle must find out where Marie has hidden Frederick for he threatens the vampire whereabouts and identity(..this leads to a whipping torture as Marie hangs with stripes down her back and Michelle, devastated for what she has done, with tears staining her cheeks). Will Marie be seduced into the way of the vampires? Will Marie give up her love's hiding place(where he is hidden is certainly an interesting place)? Will the last male vampire's legacy live on through his blood daughters?

    If you are familiar with Rollin, this film carries his various signatures..beautiful french countryside, atmospheric cemetery, Gothic greystoned ruins of a castle where rows of steps are endless and halls echo, skulls make their mark throughout showing up near tombstones, places marking the vampires' lair, etc., limited dialogue and back story, fluid camera-work capturing the entire landscape squeezing every bit of ambiance available, an abundance of nudity and sex, and a jazzy organ score in the background. The version I watched had gratuitous extended scenes of sexual molestation as Erica's barbaric servants rape and abuse various enslaved nubile females, chained within a pit, as she takes a few bites for good measure. This might serve as titillation for many(there's also a scene where Marie and Michelle grope each other), but I yawned through most of this. I thought Dominique Toussaint was striking(she seemed to have such a presence that leaps from the screen)as Erica, wearing a clinging gold dress and purple cape that swings open..the way she opens her cape might be theatrical to many, but I lapped it up(..*woof*..*woof*). She really looks like something out of a comic I do not mean this as an insult, far from it. I think Erica just looks incredible and Dominique just runs with it, easily overshadowing the weary last male vampire who is in the film mere minutes and looks as if his powers were weakened. This film's strength is some truly stunning uses of the château(the way Rollin shoots overhead as Marie and Michelle try to flee Erika, and when Michelle leads the horny old man on a wild goose chase through halls & up steps, are really thrilling set-pieces), the vibrant green and red colors Rollin uses in the last male vampire's mausoleum, the cemetery bright blue skyline at dawn as Marie(believing she had lost her love to the last male vampire forever)woefully walks across with various crosses in the distance, and the windy green covering the cemetery grounds as Marie and Michelle comb the area in search of refuge from a shady past. My favorite scene(other than when Erica appears)is when Marie and Michelle hear organ play from within the château cathedral believing cloaked monks await inside..only to find skeletons behind those very cloaks and Louise, the vampiress playing the tune they heard. Don't expect a satisfying story or a quickened pace..Rollin isn't the type of filmmaker that worries about moving anything too fast. I don't even think we see the first vampire until thirty minutes into the film and the sexual sequences in the bondage chamber go on forever it seems.
  • Jean Rollin's films collect praise the way that a splat of dog excrement on the sidewalk collects flies. One *sees* the flies, but one is never quite sure *how* the flies know the crap is there, or exactly what they're so excited about.

    Rollin's defenders love to blather on about his "style", his "imagination", his "eye", and his deep understanding of Heidigger's "uncertainty principle". (Well, maybe not the last thing.) But frankly, Rollin is merely a remixer of other, far superior directors. Just one example: someone here mentioned how clever it was that he used "preserved human arms as candle-holders!" News to them: Jean Cocteau came up with that idea, and used it in his "La Belle et la Bête", 25 years earlier. I could cite the original sources of every other bit of "inspiration" in this flick, but why bother?

    Neither of the two main chicks are very attractive. I see better looking women every day, and you probably do too. And both are seriously stupid (which probably makes them more attractive to some guys, but I digress). They get in a low-speed car chase with someone (the police?), who for some inexplicable reason are driving a Renault 16, which has never been used as a cop car, not even in an alternate reality. When their motorcycle runs out of gas, they just leave it by the side of the road. When they're hungry, they con a roach-coach guy out of some lettuce (but it never occurs to them to steal his vehicle or his money). They choose to hide in a cemetery, never thinking that it might be spooky in there. I found that I was soon rooting for whoever might be the first to do them in. Alas, I waited and waited and waited...

    The director is at least as stupid as his chicks are. How stupid? He terrorizes the chicks with...flying foxes. Yes, the shots of the two being frightened by a pair of bats hanging from a tree, was filmed with flying foxes -- those utterly harmless fruit-eating bats that some people keep as pets. As soon as Rollin has made his point with these poor critters, he then sticks fake vampire bats to the chicks' necks. As in...with adhesive. Not even stock shots of vampire bats lapping blood, not even semi-animated bats flapping menacingly around the girls. Lee Press-On Bats.

    Revolvers mysteriously appear and disappear in the chicks' hands as they haplessly try to defend themselves. Each dispenses about 20 bullets, not one of them having even the slightest effect on their pursuers. Note to future film victims: if your pursuer hasn't been affected by the first 5 bullets you pump into them, odds are good that the 6th isn't going to make much difference. You might want to save it for later. Just a thought.

    The evil vampires are neither attractive nor menacing; they look more bored than anything else. I know: they're the most dangerous when they're bored. Their fangs look like Lee Press-On Fangs. You know, I'm beginning to wonder if this entire film wasn't an infomercial for the fine family of Lee Press-On products...

    There's a truly repellent and utterly gratuitous rape scene that's neither logical nor titillating; it just made me want to wash my eyes out and ask for the 5 minutes it took of my life, back.

    Look: I like a trashy film as much as the next guy. I enjoy Jess Franco's "Los Vampyros Lesbos" and some of his other work. I occasionally find Dario Argento's work effective. But "Requiem for a Vampire" is just sad. It lacks any redeeming features (I gave it 2 stars just for the cinematography which is at least colorful), and it does nothing as well as other films in its genre do. I've come to the conclusion that liking C-grade sexploitation films of this era is sort of like a 16 year-old boy going on about how "hot" some porn "actress" with silicone-enhanced 44-D breasts is. He thinks it will make him seem more cool and worldly, but really it just betrays his lack of experience and taste. But hey! --I'm sure that even a tired old whore is glad to have a fan.
  • 'Requiem For A Vampire' is the first disappointing Jean Rollin movie I've watched. It starts off beautifully enough with two girls made up as clowns fleeing a scene which we are later told was a murder. Desperate and hungry they wander the countryside looking for food and shelter. Most of these early sequences feature very little dialogue, and are beautiful and haunting. Both the girls themselves and the landscape they inhabit are perfect and typically Rollinesque. Eventually the girls look for sanctuary in mysterious and apparently abandoned castle. This is where their troubles really begin, because it is inhabited by a vampire and his entourage who force the girls into luring men to their doom. It's around this point that the movie falls apart for me I'm afraid. I that the movie is listed as having a runtime of 95 minutes. The DVD version I watched clocked in at around 75. I can only assume that the footage I missed would have salvaged this one from mediocrity. There was very little nudity, which is unusual for Rollin, and I saw virtually no "Sadeian sex" that the back cover blurb mentioned. I can only comment on the cut I saw (released by Salvation, who are normally very good), and this version was weak and uninspiring. I hope one day to see the complete version and that it is up to the usual high standards of Rollin who has become a great favourite of mine.
  • This movie starts with a bang, literally. It's the story of the two worst vampires in cinema... they dress like clowns (again literally), aren't affected by sunlight, don't have super strength, are afraid of bats, corpses and other vampires, but they do have the ability to spontaneously change attire and spawn pistols. Oh and they drink blood but seem to prefer french fries... and making out... with each other... while naked. The film starts with a nice little shootout and car chase but that must have blown a good chunk of budget because they spend a long time just walking around after that. Soon enough the girls are captured by a vampire. We know he's a vampire because he has ridiculous looking canines sticking out of his mouth and bats. Hijinks ensue... in his Gothic BDSM dungeon. Oh, and I was wrong, the girls aren't vampires, they are virgins! And you can't be a vampire if you're a virgin, says the king vampire, go find men, says the king; and they do. But one girl meets a handsome young man and decides that lesbo stuff is for squares and now she doesn't want to be a vampire. It's an age old story. By the way, it's French so prepare for armpit hair! Luckily for the actors they just had to look good because there probably aren't a dozen lines in the whole film. By all standards this is a terrible film yet I was entertained.
  • A vampire lures beautiful young women dressed as clowns to his castle in Europe.

    How many movies have both clowns and vampires? How about clowns with guns? French clowns with guns? And that is only five minutes into a film that has some of the sexiest women Jean Rollin has featured exhibiting his own brand of eroticism (some of which clearly borders on rape).

    Being from Rollin, are we surprised that this film faced censorship? The scene where Mireille Dargent is whips Marie-Pierre Castel has two versions. As does the scene where Castel and Dargent make love and the scene where Dargent is being chased by the man. I suppose that two questions can be asked: should we have a director change his vision for decency? And, is there any real purpose to having the women be nude? I will not answer either one.

    I would say this film is overall better and more finely constructed than "The Nude Vampire", and has far more cohesion than "Rape of the Vampire". I mean, this one actually has a clear set of heroines and a plot!
  • Requiem for a Vampire (1973)

    *** (out of 4)

    Erotic-horror from French master Jean Rollin about two fugitive girls (Marie-Pierre Castel, Mireille Dargent) who are on the run from the law and end up in a creepy castle where many young women are chained in the basement. The girl's learn that vampires run the castle and they want the two ladies to join the undead since they are virgins. With countless horror and porn titles under his belt, to me this is the best that Rollin has to offer as his art-house style perfectly blends in with the erotic nature of the subject matter and best of all is that the film never once feels too long nor does the pacing have any issues. One might say THE LIVING DEAD GIRL is the best the director has to offer due to how violent and gory it is but I think on the whole this here is the best. I think what works so well is once again that beautiful atmosphere that the director is able to bring. The movie really does feel as if you're watching a nightmare as there's this quiet, still atmosphere that really makes you feel as if you're in the land of the dead. I thought the opening fifteen or twenty-minutes is where the director really works his magic because we see the girls on the run, going through the county side and eventually arriving at this castle. I thought Rollin did a very good job at building up this atmosphere and things just turn downright crazy once the vampire enter the picture. The highlight of the film is a rather long sequence where several of the male vampires go into the basement and attack the women that are chained up. Full nudity galore as this sequence clocks in at nearly ten-minutes and it's nothing more than the men groping the woman and I'm certain this was done so that the male viewers could get more than just a eye-full. This sequence is tinted in this strange pink/rose color and it really adds to the film and the downright surreal nature is just untouched by anything else in the film. The rest of the movie deals with the women trying to decide if they should give in or not and of course there's more violence and nudity. I thought both Castel and Dargent were very good in their roles and the supporting cast isn't too bad either. They're all certainly a lot better than you'd normally see in a film like this. Those unfamiliar with the work of Rollin will probably find this one of the easiest of his films to get into and those just wanting to see some nudity and erotic stuff will find plenty here.
  • Marie (Marie-Pierre Castel), a blonde, and Michelle (Mireille Dargent), a brunette, are two sexy young girls fleeing the cops (in an atypically action-packed opening for filmmaker Jean Rollin). They end up in the scenic but desolate French countryside where they come across an isolated chateau, occupied by an ancient vampire (Michel Delesalle) and his many devoted servants. Fundamental differences develop between our protagonists as the vampire and his flock seek to induct the girls into their fold.

    Rollin wrote this himself, in apparently just one night, and it's clear that what he wanted to do was create some pure cinema. The story is thin and only deepens as the film progresses; also, Rollin refrains from use of dialogue for quite a while, until it's necessary for characters to give us some exposition.

    "Requiem for a Vampire" exists in an offbeat universe where the girls are dressed in clown costumes at the outset. It provides an alluring combination of sex, depravity, and atmosphere, done in that inimitable stylish and arty Rollin manner. Some viewers are certain to take at least some pleasure from the prevalent nudity and eroticism.

    Granted, as striking as many of the visuals may be, they're not always supplemented that well. Sometimes, the music score composed by Pierre Raph is too loud and jarring and just doesn't work. Rollin, as usual, doesn't concern himself with trying to make the horror particularly "scary"; note how phoney the vampire fangs look.

    The performances are generally effective. Stunning leads Castel and Dargent have appeal, and engage in some lesbian coupling guaranteed to make audience members happy. Philippe Gaste is amiable as Frederic, a young man whom Castel encounters in the countryside. Delesalle delivers the best performance of the piece as a rather mild-mannered, distinguished vampire who's determined to meet his destiny with some dignity.

    Due to its balance of art and exploitation, "Requiem for a Vampire" will likely remain a pivotal film for Euro-horror lovers who admire Rollins' works.

    Seven out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Rape," "Shivers," and "Requiem of a Vampire" all form a loose trilogy. (The titles are the only indication. All three cater to the same themes as everything else Rollin has done.) It's not entirely impossible to connect this film to "Shivers." It almost appears to be a prequel. This takes place in the same château that film was shot in. Both feature actress Dominique as a predatory female vampire. Marie-Pierre Castel, whose blond hair and big eyes make her hard to miss, appears in both films. Honestly, I was kind of hoping this movie would explain how the servant girls in "Shivers" came to stay at the castle. Nope. Story-wise, the movies are unrelated.

    The film opens with an odd-ball, wholly Rollin-esque image: A girl, dressed as a clown, shooting a gun through the shattered window of a getaway car, the police in hot pursuit. There's another girl dressed as a clown in the front. The circumstances of the getaway are never explained and simply serve to strand the girls. They are, of course, lesbians. After an incident where one is almost buried alive, the two come to the vampire infested château. The three vampires who live there, an older man, an older woman, and a seductive lady vampire, quickly initiate the girls into the lifestyle. One of the girls is into the idea of immortality, the other not so much. As far as story goes, that's it. There's some stuff about the girls seducing men and one of those guys factors into the story later but, mostly, there's not a lot of narrative.

    Rollin does create several bizarrely memorable tableaux throughout, the clown shootout only being the first. We see skeletons in robes standing around a pipe organ. The older male vampire is introduced by a green light shining on his face, the only moment of unintentional humor. In the middle of the movie, there's an extended sequence of explicit sex. Two ogre-like vampires try to force themselves on our protagonists and, when that doesn't work, instead ravage a series of girls chained up in the dungeon. The fondling and humping goes on for a long time and ends in an odd scene of a woman, with unshaven armpits, having a vampire bat land on her pubes. Typically, the film is nearly dialogue free until the 44 minute mark.

    There's a lot of talk about the vampire bloodline ending. The girls' virginity is a plot-point but undermined by their lesbian frolicking and a scene of the brunette stripping and leading an oafish passing bicyclist on a wild goose chase. (It ends badly for him.) When the blond foils the brunette's plan for immortality, we get a long sequence of her whipping the nude, prone girl, a decidedly eroticized torture. The ending is a letdown, as the closest thing to a villain we have lets the protagonists go without issues. Dominquez's character doesn't do much. So, we've got a film without much story and very jumbled themes.

    And yet I can't dislike this one. It's oddly gentle, despite the rape and torture. Even the most explicit moments have a playfulness to them. Like many of the director's films, the movie feels like a dream put to celluloid. Not because the images are particularly surreal but because the way the story progresses from one set-piece to another. I can't list it among his best work but it's still oddly likable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At times it's not that easy to give a film the appropriate rating, and so this was the case with Requiem pour un vampire. I don't even know whether it is an erotica film with some horror elements or a horror flick with some erotic scenes. Anyway, why should I care about it, since the watching of it was a really enchanting experience.

    The plot is an absolute feast of bizarreness and I guess that it is one of the film's charms. In the opening scene we can see a car chase, in which two very young girls and their male friend are getting away and trying to shoot someone. Soon, the guy gets hurt and his "clowny" friends do nothing but kill him to death and then burn the car with gasoline! At this point I was almost sure that these girls were the vampires from the title, but to my absolute surprise they were not! The vampire line started a little bit later. And again, the cohesion of it didn't make any sense, but its picturesque images and overall hypnotic atmosphere lived down everything. I even enjoyed that cheesy moment with a bat doing the cunni. :D So I give it 3,5/5, my highest rating for vampire-themed films, as for now.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I guess that shock would be the best way to describe my reaction to this film. It was simply horrible. I believe I was watching a "full" version, so I can't blame poor chopping block editing for this mess. The film looked amateurish, the acting was terrible, and there was no plot to speak of. Even the sex scenes were bad, porn movies have better production values than this stinker. I only hope that by writing this review, I can save someone from watching this film. The 5.7 score here on the IMDb, that enticed me to watch, is completely misleading in my opinion. I gave it a 2, and was being generous. If this movie is a good example of Mr. Rolin's work, I'll not be watching another of his films!
  • horroregg3 August 2007
    No one would be expecting a meaningful social commentary from a film with this title, but please bear in mind when watching that this a Jean Rollin film, so don't expect a meaningful story either. My guess is that you're probably expecting some mad nonsense with kinky lesbian vampires. You won't be disappointed. This is mad, it has kinky lesbians and they're vampires. Happy days!

    It's quite light hearted for a Rollin flick and is at the fast end of his snail like pacing, but that isn't saying much on either count. It's no Daughters of Darkness either, so don't try to make sense of it, you'll end up as bonkers as Rollin.

    Instead laugh at crap vampires and revel in the kink fest in the dungeon. It's bloody great and is a bona fide Eurotrash classic. Highly recommended.
  • I must say I did not expect what I saw when I rented it on Itunes. This is trash, purely made for trash digging hounds. There is no point to this film, nothing important happens, it's just strange vampire erotica.

    Now since I skipped through this film don't expect me to tell you if there is a deeper meaning, I doubt there is. The only way I could describe this film is to give you a description about what happens, although talking about it in detail might be frowned upon here, so I'm going to try and keep it minimal. All that happens is vampires raping women, who seem to be enjoying it, this goes on for ten minutes straight, they don't hide anything. We get lesbian erotica twice, then prolonged nudity for the rest of the movie. This is exploitation that focuses on sex, so it is pretty much an adult film. I didn't know they were allowed to sell those on Itunes, don't be fooled into buying this, it doesn't even qualify as a film. It was a good thing I rented it, I thought it was violent trash, but boy did I get swindled. I thought this was a horror movie, but no, don't make the same mistake as I did viewing this. This is the bad kind of trash, stay away.

    Some fans of exploitation should enjoy it, everyone else will hate it. If you want an adult vampire movie for whatever your reason is, go for it, just don't give them 15 dollars. I do not recommend it.
  • Know here as Dungeon Terror, with a much flattering video cover. I found little value, and terror, if a little disturbed somewhat as to the themes of the film, where the two little teen hotties, the blonde one, yummmmm.... seemed particular young for this sort of caper, baring much skin. They become drawn to this castle, a sort of refuge for em' where it's their great fate, to become the latest victims of vampire lust. The blonde actress, is the best thing about this Z grade schlock. This movie wants to work as a horror/terror/sex flick, purposely, but there's more sex and arousal scenes then the torture/horror, some of it quite disturbing, than it offers. This is a slow, plodding, boring, and trying film on the viewer. I mean boring with a capital B. Honestly, the best part of this trash is it's first ten minutes, when the blonde gets felt up and loves it. This is one of those movie misfires from the 70's, where there's a couple of good bits, but, in between, are long stretches of yawns, with a not much happening flat story. The cover has you thinking it's somewhat of an 80's film, where there will be real sick goings on, etc. Forgive me, but that's the movie, I'd rather see, than this, but also with Marie Pierre Castel and friend on board as well.
  • All this is is a French porn flick. Nothing more. Nothing less. Zero plot and literally the worst acting ever from every single cast member. I love horror films ans even love bad acting b- movies but this is dumb idiotic trash and waste of time.
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