According to Director Curtis Harrington, Hugh Griffith was an alcoholic, and his wife accompanied him to the set each day to ensure he didn't imbibe.

According to Judy Cornwell's memoirs, Shelley Winters discovered that Cornwell received good reviews in Wuthering Heights (1970) and demanded Cornwell's role was cut to the bone.

Shelley Winters requested that her What's the Matter with Helen? (1971) director Curtis Harrington direct this film.

Although set at Christmas time, the film was shot in the spring of 1971.

Mark Lester and Hugh Griffith previously appeared in the Charles Dickens adaptation Oliver! (1968). Richard Beaumont previously appeared in the Charles Dickens adaptation Scrooge (1970), which had re-used many sets from "Oliver!".

Shelley Winters and Hugh Griffith have won Oscars in the same year: Winters as Best Supporting Actress for The Diary of Anne Frank (1959) and Griffith as Best Supporting Actor for Ben-Hur (1959).

The cast includes two Oscar winners (Shelley Winters and Hugh Griffith) and one Oscar nominee (Ralph Richardson).