The "lift voice" heard during the theme song played in each episode is that of Stephanie Gathercole who plays Mr. Rumbold's secretary in the earliest episodes.

Nicholas Smith (Mr. Rumbold) was the last surviving original cast member, passing away on December 6, 2015. It is a very common misconception that Mike Berry (Mr. Spooner) is now the only surviving regular cast member from the series' entire run, however three other regular cast members also survive - and are the only three cast members who were not members of the floor staff, executive or maintenance. They are Penny Irving as Miss Bakewell (recurring season 4, regular seasons 5-7), Vivienne Johnson as Young/Old Mr Grace's Nurse (seasons 5-8), and Candy Davis as Miss Belfridge (seasons 9 & 10). It is also a common misconception that Doremy Vernon as the canteen manageress was a regular cast member in the later seasons, however she was contracted on a recurring basis only as per Penny Irving in season 4 and most of the other secretaries who appeared in multiple episodes over the years.

The name of Mrs. Slocombe's pussy was Tiddles.

The store in the series was based on Simpson's Department Store.

In 1972, the broadcasting of the live reports from the Munich Olympics had to be cancelled due to the Black September incident. Amongst the programmes hurriedly brought forward to fill the sudden gaps in BBC1's programming schedules was the as-yet untransmitted Comedy Playhouse (1961) edition "Are You Being Served?". It proved popular enough for a full series to be commissioned.

Producer Garry Marshall created a 1979 pilot for an American version of Are You Being Served? (1972). It was titled Beane's of Boston (1979), and was screened but never found a network buyer.

Frank Thornton, Mollie Sugden, John Inman, Wendy Richard and Nicholas Smith are the only actors to appear in all 10 seasons.

Oddly, the Grace Brothers department store seems to have closed at 5 pm and was never open on weekends.

Mr. Lucas's first name is given in early series as James but he's referred to as Dick Lucas, later on.

Despite being the junior, Trevor Bannister (Mr. Lucas) is actually ten months older than John Inman (Mr. Humphries), the senior associate.

Mr. Tebbs (James Hayter) and Young Mr. Grace (Harold Bennett) were the only characters to ever be given a departure story line (Tebbs retired and Young Mr. Grace reduced his office hours in favor of holidaying), although Bennett did reprise his role once in "Roots?" Once his replacement Old Mr. Grace also departed, the characters were "merged" into one and although unseen in the last two seasons, was referred in every episode as "Mr. Grace", without the "young/old" monikers attached. Everyone else who left the show simply disappeared and was never mentioned again.

The show was initially conceived as a starring vehicle for Trevor Bannister (Mr. Lucas), following his popularity on the ITV sitcom The Dustbinmen (1969).

Mrs. Slocombe's first name is usually Betty but is sometimes Rachel.

A running joke throughout the series is Mrs Slocombs ever changing hair colour. A different colour every episode .

Mrs Slocombe's best friend Mrs Axelby is the only person regularly mentioned by a main character who does not eventually appear in the show (and to a lesser extent, Mr Lucas's mother). Throughout the series, numerous characters are mentioned repeatedly who finally show up onscreen several seasons later. This includes Old Mr Grace, Mrs Peacock, Mrs Rumbold, Mrs Grainger, Miss Hurst of Novelty Candles, Mr Patel of Accounts, Seymour of Maintenance, Mr Humphries' mother, and, most notably, Mrs Slocombe's pussy, who appears somewhat subtly, either in the form of a tail, a silhouette, or an off-screen sound effect.

Toys is the only other department at Grace Brothers to be seen in the entire series. Part of the Radio Department (and Packing) was seen through CCTV in the final season, while other parts of the store shown on screen were the boardroom, management offices, basement, nurse's station, roof, the fifth floor (vacant at the time), three "apartments" on the top floor, and, of course, the canteen. At various points in the series, Sporting, Cosmetics and Shoes were temporarily moved onto the Mens and Ladies floor, while many other departments were mentioned but never seen (although their staff were).

Every time Mr Rumbold addresses the decisions made in the 'boardroom' he looks upwards.

All scenes in all the episodes were filmed entirely in television studios.

In one of the installments (fifty years on), Mrs. Slocombe celebrates her 46th birthday.

Subject to a remake, with an all new cast, playing the original characters first screened by the BBC on 28th August 2016 in celebration of 60 years of comedy on the BBC.

The series would prove so popular it would be adapted into a stage play for the UK and Australia in the late 90s. 9 years after the series wrapped official production.