Paramedic John Gage: I remember... I was working B-Shift over at Station 10. That was a great, old station. Know why?

Paramedic Roy DeSoto: It had a pole?

Paramedic John Gage: It had a pole. A fire station just isn't a fire station without a pole.

Dr. Kelly Brackett: Get outta here, you hosejockey!

Captain Stanley: Station 51, KMG365.

[opening credits, 6th season. These credits were also incorrectly used on some earlier DVD releases and syndication]

Dispatcher: Fifty-One, informant reports toxic chemicals are stored in tanker. Use caution.

Dr. Kelly Brackett: Squad Fifty-One, this is Rampart - can you send me some EKG?

John Gage: 10-4; transmitting EKG - we're sending you a strip, vitals to follow. Pulse is 160, the - victim is in extreme pain, Rampart.

Paramedic Roy DeSoto: Patient is in V-fib! Rampart, we have lost the victim's pulse! Beginning CPR! We're defibrillating victim, Rampart! Rampart, we've defibrillated victim; he's in sinus rhythm.

Joe Early: Administer two amps sodium bicarb and insert an airway. Start an IV, Fifty-One - lactated Ringer's.

Dixie McCall: Squad Fifty-One, continue monitoring vitals and transport immediately.

John Gage: We're on our way, Rampart!

Dr. Kelly Brackett: Start an IV, 51... D5W TKO!

Paramedic Roy DeSoto: What'd you say that I said that you said?

Fireman Chet Kelly: That your partner here is a nut.

Paramedic John Gage: Aha! aha, aha.

Paramedic Roy DeSoto: What about it?

Paramedic John Gage: You admit it?

Paramedic Roy DeSoto: That you're some kind of nut? Yeah, I said it, so what? You're a nut, but you're a friendly kind of nut.

Paramedic John Gage: Oh, that's a heck of a thing to say about someone you work every shift with!