Alicia: A brave man dies only once.

Alicia: What business are you in Mr. King?

King: Ah... banking. I transfer funds from, ah, one place to another.

Orozco: I would like to make you a deal, Mr. King.

King: I already got a deal.

Orozco: Look, I am a bandit and you rob banks, right?

King: Get to the point.

Orozco: So we both want the same thing - other people's money, right? So you and I are on the same side. We are amigos!

Colonel Fierro: Are you afraid of the dark, my dear?

Montero: The only thing she is afraid of is poverty.

Alicia: What do you admire most in a woman?

King: Well, actually, ah, all parts. What do you look for first in a man?

Alicia: Honesty.

King: Ah... second?

Montero: I'm the goose that lays the golden eggs.

General Duarte: If the revolutionaries had gold, you would be working for them.

Canales: Yes, your Excellency.

General Duarte: You are nothing but a bandit.

Canales: Yes, your Excellency.

General Duarte: Remember, Canales, when the revolution is over, I promise to hang you.

Canales: Yes, your Excellency.