• WARNING: Spoilers

    Chen Kwan Tai Moves to shanghai in hopes of becoming rich and living a better life. When he gets there he is living poorly, and treated poorly by the upper class. Chen works hard, very hard everyday, intill one day he would be the first day that his life would change.. When Chen Kwan Tai See's David Chiangs Carriage for the firsdt time. Well, chen kwan tai and david chiang end up meeting cause chiang see chen kwan tai excellent fight ing abilitys, then chiang offers him money, and he sees the chen is to proud to take it, aftar he won the little duel(friendly) Well in the winnings of his little money chen and his friend go to see the big white russian boxer, and chen challanges him after ther guy like beats everyone else. Well chen wins and cleans out the gangstas../ After the fight they go to celebrate there winning at the restaurant and chen see that david chiang leaves him a placce to run with money coming in.. Well that was it.. Chen Kwan tai was officially a gangsta, but ironically he ws a good gangsta, and as day by day went by ws eager to take over the bigger areas. So he challanges by him self every gangsta and takes opver the casino niot realizing he was being set up.. Well after that things get hecketit and people atart dying including david chiang,, but he only guest starss in the movie.. The ending has one of the most bloddyiest, ending ive ever seen in kungfu history.. i must say this movie is filled with nonstop action, but also has a great storyline, so others that dont like kungfu would be opened to watching this.. intill i spent the last 7 months in chinam, inever realized that chen kwan tai is one of the most incredible chinese boxers ive ever seen.. not only is he nce to lookj at but he is just amazing at what he does.. Another movie i would recommend that is similar to this one is Man Of Iron!! Also a shaw brothers film, and it also stars Chen Kwan Tai... Ali Jordana