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  • Kirpianuscus26 April 2016
    a symbol. the most representative cultural personality of Bukovina. and a film who preserves the mark of Communist propaganda. but not this mark defines it. because, out of poor romanticism and social critic, it has few splendid scenes . the night in the song of Sofia Vicoveanca, the feast and the young men captured for military service, the performances of Emanuel Petrut and Toma Caragiu, the young Vlad Radescu in the lead role, Balada interpreted in jail cell , Crai Nou first representation are few examples. and, sure, the atmosphere of old Bukowina. result - a decent job. a sketch more than a portrait, a homage than a biographic movie. but seductive, not only for nostalgics. and useful lesson for understand the influence of politic in Romanian cinematography.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A film is project of a director and definition of a spectator. So, the pledge for any movie is only result of experience and feeling. A good film is not an objective artistic product but reflection of a small world. So, "Ciprian Porumbescu" is an interesting collection of images and colors in which the Communist propaganda taste is irrelevant.

    At first, for the role of this great Romanian composer in national conscience. Then, for his importance in Bukovina spiritual history. At least, for the romantic nimbus of his life, for his work and freedom illustration. Ciprian Porumbescu is more that an young genius or amazing musician, he is part of a nation identity.

    Or the fundamental error of film is desire to transform him in a Communist hero. The skin of facts like essence, the life like empty images collection, the dream like part of Communism party vision. The seal of time is evident and the sin was normal. History was means for create roots of a illegitimate regime. But worst is the fact than this movie is single film about Ciprian Porumbescu. So, no choice, no alternative.

    And, the result is not definitely wrong. Iraclie Porumbescu(Ciprian's father) interpreted by Emanuel Petrut or Eminescu -Alexandru Repan's character are more that puppets of director. And Toma Caragiu's acting is prove of many possibilities for better result.

    But the virtue of film is Sofia Vicoveanca's presence. His harsh voice, his shadow remembers that Ciprian Porumbescu is not poor pathetic character but eminent Anton Bruckner 's disciple and creator of "Crai Nou" and Albania's national anthem or touching Balada.