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  • When you have a queue of 500 movies, you sometimes forget why you picked a particular one. I am not a women-in-prison completest, so maybe I just wanted to see Paola Senatore (Eaten Alive, Story of a Cloistered Nun), Jenny Tamburi (The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine) or Anita Strindberg (The Eroticist) again. It simply escapes me. Two WIP movies in the same day may be excessive, but it happened by accident.

    This one starts with a good car chase through the Italian streets as Hilda (Anita Strindberg) is getting her anal exam by a matron after entering prison to find out where Daniela's (Jenny Tamburi) boyfriend hid the heroin and save her father.

    It isn't long before we see our first lesbian encounter. Isn't that why we watch WIP movies? Along with the obligatory shower scenes. Of course, the guards (matrons) get their turn, too. Then there are the prison yard fights where the object is to rip the clothes of your opponent.

    The "riot" in the prison yard was a hoot. They turned the firehouses on the girls, and it was like water hoses. They stripped and got wet.

    Just another day in prison.
  • Although this is basically a WIP movie, it differs greatly from both the popular Corman produced US/Filipino versions and the much sicker European variant typified by the work of Jess Franco. It is a mid-70's Italian film, so about half of it is a crime thriller with the usual car chases and violent Mafia intrigue involving a missing load of heroin. The WIP subplot comes in when the daughter of kidnapped Mafia boss (the not-even-remotely-Italian-looking Anita Strindberg)goes undercover in a woman's prison to protect and get information from the "new fish" (Jenny Tamburi), whose dead boyfriend was transporting the heroin. However, this surprisingly complex plot still leads to the usual shower scenes, catfights, lesbian groping, and everything else audiences have come to expect from these type of films.

    This movie has touches of realism, featuring for instance a lot of secondary characters who look like they could be actual female prisoners (director Rino DeSilvestre would later pioneer a kind of "neo-realist sleaze" with his follow-up film about prostitution "Red Light Girls"). But, of course, it also features the familiar torsos of Gabriella Giorgelli and future porn star Paola Senatore. Certainly no one will complain about a lack of nudity in this movie, from the opening scene where the lovely Tamburi is graphically "probed" by a lesbian prison guard to probably the most ridiculous prison riot ever where the guards turn fire hoses on barely rioting prisoners (which turn out to just be regular hoses for some reason) and the prisoners respond by stripping off and taking yet another impromptu shower (these have to be the cleanest prisoners in the history of the penal system).

    But as much as I enjoy seeing Tamburi,Strindberg, et. al. butt-naked, there is a total lack of character development in this movie and the acting is very sub-par, which is unfortunate because Tamburi and Strindberg at least are capable of much better. And aside from his alleged realism, DeSilvestri doesn't demonstrate any real style in any of his films I've seen. I'd maybe recommend this, but it really depends on what your looking for.
  • I just watched this movie put out by Paragon Video (usually hit or miss with Paragon, always low budget) and I gave it a 3/10. There are some really amazing car chase scenes where guys are driving through back alleys in Europe full speed with about a foot on either side of the car and they seem to be doing an awesome job at it! I was really impressed.

    Those Europeans know how to drive!

    Other than that, the first half hour of the movie is full of "lesbian" scenes", (more like horny guy fantasy lesbian scenes) that seem to go on forever. I got bored. But after the endless lovemaking, the movie KIND OF gets ok.

    It is about a woman who got framed to carry drugs in the car that she knew nothing about. She gets sent to women's prison and people try to make her "talk" all the time, but she doesn't have the info they want. Then there's another lady there who's father is mixed up in the deal and this lady wants the other girl to talk, too. But she goes about it in a much nicer way.

    There is, of course, the lesbian prison guard who acts really tough and tries to spy on naked women. There's the tough girl who knows all the stuff that goes down in the prison and tries to be friends with everyone for her benefit. She, also, is very sexually frustrated and wants to get with everyone. There seems to be a lot of sexually frustrated women in this prison. One fakes being sick to go to the male doctor so she can get it on with him.

    This is not why I sort of liked the movie. I just thought it had an interesting story. I liked the "protest rally" where everyone chanted already-known demands to the warden about how their bathrooms are dirty and the prison guards are mean. There is a really funny scene where some women are eating chicken rather fiercely. The makeup on the girl that was framed ends up looking really gross by the end. Her eyes are totally red and it looks rather disturbing. There is a long gun chase scene that got boring real fast. Bascially this movie is pretty predictable and just good for cheap thrills.

    If you like exaggerated tough women, you will like this movie. It's your basic "women in prison" movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Gutsy and beautiful Hilda (well played by luscious knockout Anita Strindberg) goes undercover as an inmate in a brutal and corrupt women's penitentiary in order to talk to scared incarcerated moll Daniela (lovely Jenny Tamburi) and get the necessary information required to clear her mobster father's name. Writer/director Rino Di Silvestro blends a gritty crime thriller with a scroungy chicks-in-chains romp for a handy dandy combo synthesis that covers all the essential satisfyingly sleazy bases: copious tasty female nudity, profane dialogue, lesbianism, seamy soft-core sex, the inevitable leering shower scenes, fierce catfights, humiliating physical examinations, an unintentionally hilarious riot in which the protesting inmates are sprayed down with fire hoses, a rough, downbeat, nihilistic tone, and a cool bluesy theme song. Better still, Di Silvestro tosses in a rousing protracted car chase for good measure and caps the whole thing off with a perfectly depressing surprise bummer ending. The characters are your standard array of endearing generic stereotypes: the irritating religious kook, the vicious head matron (a pleasingly nasty portrayal by Olga Bisera), the ruthless top con, the ineffectual warden, and the lecherous male doctor who does just what you think with the lusty lady convicts. The funky, syncopated, pulsating score by Franco Bixio and George Craig hits the groovy-rockin' spot. Fausto Rossi's grimy cinematography further enhances the overall squalid atmosphere. Good low-grade fun.
  • During the movie they have a scene where the prisoners are watching a movie. The movie is DANGER!! DEATH RAY (1967) which stars GORDON SCOTT. You can clearly see Scott on the movie screen. Gordon Scott is in WOMEN IN CELL BLOCK 7 without actually being listed as a star in the 1973 release. It is amazing how these little "additions" are slipped into a movie and no credit is ever given to the actors. Larry Anderson, Canada
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Although she is totally innocent "Daniela Vinci" (Jenny Tamburi) is sent to prison by the lead inspector on the case with the hope that she might reveal some crucial information concerning 20 pounds of heroin that her mobster boyfriend stole from a rival mob boss. At the same time another woman named "Hilda" (Anita Strindberg) is sent to the same prison as an undercover agent who also wants this information. However, the problem that both of them face is just trying to survive the sadistic guards and the savage female prisoners they are forced to contend with 24 hours a day. Now rather than reveal any more of the story and risk ruining the film for those who haven't seen it I will just say that I found this to be a sub-par European Women-in-Prison (WIP) movie in just about every way. For one thing the story didn't seem to transition well from one scene to another which caused it to feel a bit disjointed. Additionally, the sex scenes lacked passion and eroticism. Put quite bluntly—they were boring. On that same note, except for possibly Anita Strindberg, none of the women were really that attractive. So essentially this was a movie that I thought was badly directed and suffered from poor casting. As such I rate it as below average.