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  • jpoling-110 March 2007
    The great Diana Sands stars as a African American pop star with few political ideas, and no need for black-activist war deserters who want her voice for their cause--much to the dismay of the quietly seething white-hating Minnie Gentry. Georgia's mother-figure and companion fears for Georgia's soul--in every sense of the word. Written by Maya Angelou (but made on a low budget), this is a significant, powerfully radical movie-of-ideas in need of rediscovery. Limited runs on its release, it showed up briefly on video to, of all things, capitalize on the supporting performance of Dirk (Battlestar Gallactica) Benedict. Diana Sands should also check out the more readily available, The Landlord.
  • The late Diana Sands gives an intelligent performance in her quiet, vulnerable moments that comprise much of this very low-keyed, no-budget independent feature made in Stockholm; although she doesn't convince as the glossy, knock 'em dead diva the plot claims her to be.

    The original screenplay by Maya Angelou predictably has plenty to say, some of it obscured by indistinct sound recording. Simmering away in the background, the character with most to say is Georgia's formidable travelling companion, Alberta Albertson, who as played by Minnie Gentry resembles Malcolm X reincarnated as Norman Bates's mother and guides the film towards its melodramatic conclusion.
  • caspian197821 April 2005
    Yeah? For Dirk Benedict fans, there is only about 3 minutes worth watching. The movie is geared toward a "black" audience. Although this movie takes place in Stockholm, where I guess there aren't too many Africans around, the movie is far from making any kind of sense. Dirk Benedict plays some kind of photographer who has very little involvement in the movie. Without his addition to the cast, there is very little hope that this movie has an audience. The movie ends quickly with a murder and followed by a brushing? An OK idea if this is a horror movie, then again, the odd ending makes the entire movie uneasy and not entertaining. Hard to find because nobody wants to see it, this movie well never come out on DVD since the video alone is hard to find.