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Sterling Hayden: Capt. McCluskey



  • Capt. McCluskey : I thought I got all you Guinea hoods locked up! What the hell are you doing here?

    Michael : What happened to the men who were guarding my father, Captain?

    Capt. McCluskey : I pulled them guys off of here, eh, now get away from this hospital!

    Michael : I'm not leaving until you put some guards around my father's room.

    Capt. McCluskey : Phil, take him in!

    Cop with Capt. McCluskey outside hospital : The kid's clean Captain, he's a war hero! He's never been mixed up with the rackets...

    Capt. McCluskey : Goddamn it Phil, I said take him in!

    Michael : What's the Turk paying you to set up my father, Captain?

    Capt. McCluskey : [to Patrolmen]  Take a hold of him. Stand him up. Stand him up straight.

    [punches Michael and breaks his jaw] 

  • Sollozzo : [to Michael, in Sicilian]  I am sorry. What happened to your father was business. I have much respect for your father. But your father, his thinking is old-fashioned. You must understand why I had to do that. Now let's work through where we go from here.

    [Michael tries speaking in Sicilian, but can't express himself properly, so with a quick look at McCluskey they both switch to English] 

    Michael : What I want... what's most important to me is that I have a guarantee: no more attempts on my father's life.

    Sollozzo : What guarantees could I give you, Mike? I'm the hunted one. I've missed my chance. You think too much of me, kid. I am not that clever. All I want is a truce.

    Michael : I have to go to the bathroom. Is that all right?

    Capt. McCluskey : You gotta go, you gotta go.

    [Michael gets up, but a suspicious Sollozzo probes Michael's crotch, to Michael's offense] 

    Capt. McCluskey : I frisked him. He's clean.

    Sollozzo : Don't take too long...

    [Michael heads to the bathroom] 

    Capt. McCluskey : [to Sollozzo]  I frisked a thousand young punks.

  • Sollozzo : I'm glad you came, Mike. I hope we can straighten everything out. I mean, this is terrible... it's not the way I wanted things to go at all. It should've never happened.

    Michael : We'll straighten everything out tonight. I don't want my father bothered anymore.

    Sollozzo : He won't be, Mike. I swear on my children he won't be. But you gotta keep an open mind when we talk. I mean, I hope you're not a hothead like your brother Sonny. You can't talk business with him.

    Capt. McCluskey : Ahh, he's a good kid. I'm sorry about the other night, Mike.

    [Shakes Michael's hand] 

    Capt. McCluskey : I gotta frisk you, so turn around, on your knees facing me.

    [Michael turns around, McCluskey frisks him] 

    Capt. McCluskey : I guess I'm getting too old for my job. Too grouchy... can't stand the aggravation. You know how it is.

    [to Sollozzo] 

    Capt. McCluskey : He's clean.

  • Capt. McCluskey : How's the Italian food in this restaurant?

    Sollozzo : Good. Try the veal, it's the best in the city.

    Capt. McCluskey : I'll have it.

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