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  • praks9912 December 2003
    This movie is one of my personal favorites and is, in my opinion, one of the most romantic movies of Rajesh Khanna. The story line is quite simple but the charisma of Rajesh Khanna, the songs of Kishore and the music of RD Burman are pure magic.

    This movie could be watched merely for the voice of Kishore and the music of RD Burman. "Kitne Sapne Kitne Armaan" is a gem: watch out for the spectacular entry of Rajesh Khanna at the start of that song and the magic yodeling of Kishore. The other gem is "Oh Mere Dil Ke Chain". This song is just sublime and one of the greatest, if not the greatest, romantic song of Kishore. The final Kishore tour-de-force, "Deewana Leke Aya Houn", conveys tremendous pathos and is nothing short of breathtaking.

    Movies like Mere Jeevan Saathi come only once in a lifetime, like several others during that era. If you can relate to that era, watching it will move you again and again, with a tinge of sadness for a bygone period not to be found again, like it has done for me...
  • Mere Jeevan Saathi will surely be remembered for 1 thing - the magic of the kaka-RD-Kishore trio.

    The film has an interesting storyline with some solid performances. Helen gets an opportunity to act & she has done well. She even dominates kaka in some of the scenes. The photography, camera locations & production values are good.

    Rajesh Khanna is at his handsomest best. Many feel that it was amitabh who started the trend of tying the shirt's end into a knot & starting that fashion. They are wrong. Kaka does that & has tried some other styles also. The costume designer deserves special mention here.

    Kaka has given a very good performance, particularly the sequences where he has lost his eyesight.

    The only minus is Tanuja who looks like kaka's elder sister. Also, there is no comedy track as such.

    In spite of all this, the film did not do well at the box office which is a mystery.

    However, the film will always be remembered for the excellent music by R.D.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It is not often that you see a super star play a bad man , or playboy with immoral background in a 1970s bollywood film..But Rajesh Khanna in 1972 does exactly that..He plays a successful painter with a past he would love to forget as he has now found the company of the dream girl, Tanujaa who is a eye specialist Doctor... After some misunderstandings the lovers are about to be united, but fate wills otherwise and Rajesh meets with an accident and becomes a prisoner of the vamp Helen who has a score to settle with him... The story then takes some dramatic twists and is worth a view.. A little bit adult tone of the movie is something of a surprise in mainstream Hindi cinema but handled quite well. But the show-stealers are Kishore Kumar's Hit songs like 'Oh Mere Dil ke chain', 'deewana leke aayaa hoon' and 'Kitne armaan' and 'Chala jaata hoon' which are evergreen melodies of RD Burman era.. Good film to catch for Rajesh Khanna fans and connoisseurs of Romantic 1970s films
  • shark-4316 November 2001
    This movie is a camp classic. My friends and I have basically seen every American and other English-speaking "bad" movie - the kinds that are fun to watch with a group of people (Ed Wood movies, Doris Wishman's Nudie films of the Sixties, Killer dolls, Leprechauns, Manster, Head transplant movies, gore films of the 1960s, biker flicks, GatorBait, etc.) So, noe we have moved into the International film world and of course, India has an amazing film industry that curns out much product. "Bollywood" as it is called has made some great stuff but this one particluar gem not only captures the horrid clothes, colors and hair styles of the early 1970's - it also shows the weird mix of India/Western Culture as the story of rich boy who only wants to be a serious painter and enters the world of high art and fancy women has to be seen to believed. Fun, lively, bad, horrible hair styles, it's a hoot. The copy I saw had bad patches of quality in the print but it was subtitled well. FUN!!!
  • jsimi11 August 2012
    I have seen this movie 2 times. It is superb. When I saw this movie for the first time 29 yrs ago, I couldn't recognize Helen because she looked different in each scene of this movie. In one scene, she would have black hair and in another scene, she would have brown hair or reddish hair. I seriously thought they were all different women because of their different hairstyles. It turned out they were all actually Helen. She was very fashionable and gorgeous here. Rajesh Khanna and Tanuja acted well. This movie was made around 1971 during Rajesh Khanna's height of fame. Reportedly, he was late to the sets of this film. Bindu had a small role here but she acted very well. One thing I didn't like about this movie was the length of this movie. It could have been reduced without the unnecessary comic side-plot. Other than that, I recommend this movie.