Alternate Versions (2)

  • When shown on Network Television the last shot contained a voiceover, in which the person in the shot said they were going to tell the sheriff the truth about all the bad things which had been going on.
  • This voiceover from the broadcast television version (which hasn't aired in years... all recent showings show the true, theatrical version) is said in the final shot, by Niles, as follows:
    • "Holland, the game's over. We can't play the game anymore. But when the sheriff comes, I'll ask him if we can play it in our new home."
    • This voiceover immediately follows Winnie saying "Niles, wash up now." This voiceover, however, cuts off something else that is said by Winnie. In the theatrical version, this voiceover is nonexistent, and Winnie says "Niles, wash up now. Time for lunch." and that is the last line of dialogue spoken in the movie. It is obvious that this ending was especially done for television so that the "bad guy doesn't get away with it." The theatrical version, without this voiceover, implies that Niles never does get caught.