Alternate Versions (5)

  • The first UK video release of Pink Flamingos in November 1981 (prior to BBFC video regulation requirements) was completely uncut. It was issued by Palace as part of a package of Waters films they had acquired from New Line. The package included Mondo Trasho (double billed with Sex Madness), Multiple Maniacs (double billed with Cocaine Fiends), Desperate Living and Female Trouble. The 1990 (and now requiring BBFC approval) video re-release was cut by 3m 4s, the 1997 issue lost 2m 42s, and the pre-edited 1999 print was cut by 2m 8s. It is worth noting that in 2008, the BBFC informed the distributor that the film could finally be passed uncut, but it has not been re-submitted for classification.
  • Although an uncut pre-certified video appeared in 1981 the film was never officially released in the UK until 1990. The initial Castle video was cut by 3 minutes 4 secs by the BBFC with heavy edits to the forced insemination and oral sex scenes, a chicken being crushed during a sex scene and shots of the man's elastic anus, and the final dog excrement eating scene was reduced to a series of still images. The 1997 cinema release saw the elastic anus scene restored and the 1999 EIV video (cut by a lesser 2 minutes 8 secs) restored both the elastic anus and complete excrement eating scenes.
  • The beginning of the party scene had originally "Sixteen Candles" song. In 1997 re-release was replaced with "Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby".
  • The 25th Anniversary re-release version contains a re-recorded music soundtrack, re-mixed for stereo, plus 15 minutes of deleted scenes preceeded by the film, introduced by John Waters.
  • Because of this film's off-color, explicit nature, it has been edited for content many times all over the world. The Canadian censors recently reinstated five of the seven scenes that were originally edited in that country. The United Kingdom has never seen the complete version of the film. A town on Long Island, New York banned the film altogether. The Japanese laserdisc version contains a blur superimposed over all displays of pubic hair. Prints also exist that were censored by the Maryland Censor Board.