Dinner Guest: No thank you, darling. If I eat one TEENY little anchovy, I'll be coiled like a hoop all night long.

Julian Cristoforou: Would you like a macaroon?

Charles: Well, do you think that would work? Following her around London like a pet dog.

Julian Cristoforou: Well, Orfeus tried to lead his girl out of hell by not looking at her. Let Belinda lead you by not speaking. Do you think that's so silly? How many people would become married, in fact as well as law, if they just shut up and looked and listened and heard each other's heartbeats of the daytime?

Charles: Marriage is a different relationship, you know, to an affair. It's actually a contract between two people expressing obligation. I have obligation to you. You have to me. I find that beautiful, don't you?

Belinda: Yes. If they're earned.

Charles: Earned?

Belinda: Everything's got to be earned, hasn't it?

Belinda: Just because we're married the love affair can't be over. It's never over! If it's over, then the marriage is over.