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  • This film, third installment in a series totaling 13 entries, is not - as another reviewer mentioned - intended to be "educational". As with the other flicks of the series, the educational frame is only used to display absurdities in the sex life of German "school girls" of the 70s. In fact, it's classical soft porn stuff with a strong comical touch. No one speaks or acts as these "school girls" do; but some wish they would. The product of this fantasy are the "Schulmädchenreports". True, back in the days of their original releases, millions went to the cinema to see them. That, however, does not say anything about their quality, let alone the "educational" effort behind them. Looking at it today, and especially at vol. 3, it's hard not to laugh out loud. Every usual element is included: Incest, suicide, nymphomania and an over-the-top "liberalism" that makes sex look like everyone's single spare time activity. However, this particular film also has some darker moments (which are no less funny, but probably unintended to be so). If you want to see the father seduced by his own daughter to "save" the parents marriage, or want to witness a beautiful girl seducing her 10-year-old cousin(!), this one is the place to go. However funny and/or strange the episodes of the film are, one has to keep in mind that the actors were non-professionals, basically casted "on the street". This alone makes it an interesting reflection on the social reality of Germany in the years following '68.
  • Schoolgirl Report #3 (1972)

    *** (out of 4)

    The third of twelve films in the German Schulmadchen-Report series ran into a ton of controversy when it went to be released on American DVD early in 2008. The subject matter for this third film was too hot for the DVD distributor so the release ended up getting pulled and could only be sold at one online store. Months later an edited version was released but this review is for the uncut, international version running the complete 96-minutes (whereas the cut version is at 76-minutes). If you've seen the first two films then you know what to expect as this series tries to pass itself off as an educational movie warning parents about what their teenagers might be doing in regards to various sexual situations. We get the typical stories of girls sneaking out to have sex, younger girls going after older men and even a Romeo and Juliet type story but the controversial ones are going to be the most talked about. The first of the big three has a girl getting gang raped in her school bathroom but the adult won't believe her and instead he scares her into prostitution. The next story has a teenage girl catching her father in bed with another woman because her mother is ill and away in a hospital. Wanting to keep her father with her mother, the girl decides to start sleeping with her dad. The third of these "bad" stories centers on a 15-year-old girl who sees her older sister having sex and it gets her interested so she sneaks into the shower with her 10-year-old cousin. OK, the first two stories don't bother me too bad because you expect that sort of nastiness when it comes to exploitation, which this series is. If someone actually believes these are "learning" movies then I guess you will be shocked. The third story with the young kids is the one I have no problems with it being cut out. It's obvious both kids are underage and that the boy hasn't even hit puberty. Seeing them to "playing around", even though there's never any real touching, is just too creepy to watch. Perhaps I'm being a hypocrite because I loved Fat Girl, which features young nudity and I've seen Child Bride but those two films do talk about the subject in a serious way. This film here is meant to be fun and what I saw there wasn't fun. With that said, I still enjoyed the movie overall as we get sexy stories, stupid interviews with people off the street and countless other sexploitation scenes that come off fresh even in the third film. I've got nine more to go through but I must admit that I'm looking forward to each and everyone of them.
  • I have one big problem: I really hate those stupid TV erotic movies from the 1990s. Every night in The Film Zone you find low quality frech made for TV motion pictures that I really don't like at all. But we're very lucky because now you can find on DVD classic eroticism from the 1970s. In Costa Rica, School girls growing up part 3, was in the 1980s the most watch film ever. I'm talking about good times. When men really appreciate the beauty of women and were not addicted to XXX videos without any story. When I was really young I use to watch the adds in the news paper. I was really obsessed with movies that were impossible to watch because of my age. Fanny Hill, Bilitis, Emmanuelle, Emmanuelle 2, Goodbye Emmanuelle, Salon Kitty. When I watched those posters I always thought: How many skin show those movies?. How diabolical are those actresses in the posters?. I'm I going to hell if I ever watch some of this movies?. I was really intrigued about them. So, when I was enough big, I start watching every legendary erotic movie from France, Germany and Italy. This one, in its hometown, it supposed to be an educational film about the sexual life of 60s and 70s teenagers. But in Costa Rica and some other countries of the world if was released as sofcore porn. The first two movies of the saga and the last eight, never came here. And we're still waiting.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Schulmädchen Report 3" is the third part of the famous German "Schulmädchen" series, that deals with the sexual life and problems of youngsters within the German society of the 1970s. It portrays some cases which are meant to be typical for the average teen and draws conclusions for parents.

    In many points this is just the same as the first two parts have already delivered earlier. While you can barely say that in the third film the mission is still to open the minds towards a more open view on sexuality, it probably functions mainly as kind of an erotic flick. In a way it is of course positive, that this movie, as well as others, broke with the taboo of talking about sex. On the other hand, there are some cases depicted here that just aren't acceptable. Judging an elderly father of being innocent after sexual contact with a girl of 12 years is just bizarre. As well as it is to depict a male victim of rape as a weak human being that is to be laughed at. This way you don't take sexual crimes and their victims seriously and become a part of the problem.

    All in all this ruins the otherwise rather unspectacular impression for me. If you want to shoot a sex flick only, maybe just don't try to become a moral authority at the same time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the third of 13 "Schulmädchen Report" movies and it was released only roughly half a year after movie 2. It is the last one that won the Golden Screen (an award for films that were big hits at the box office) and also the last one that had Friedrich von Thun in the cast. He is still fairly known today. The movie runs for 93 minutes and is one of the longest of the whole franchise. The film's director is Ernst Hofbauer and he also directed some of the sequels still to come. The co-director is Walter Boos and he also directed some of the sequels. Also, he was an assistant director on the German Academy award nominee "The Devil Came at Night".

    Early on, in this film, there is the question what can the filmmakers still give us that is new and interesting. Funnily enough, there were still 10 "Schulmädchen"-films made after this. And among the new things they offer us a group rape scene and a ruthless janitor who blackmails the victim for his own sexual pleasure. I also felt that this film was a bit more critical towards men than the 2 previous films. The horny teacher would be an example who keeps touching all his female students except the one obese girl. Apart from him, there is a sequence about a father who abuses his own daughter. There were not really many taboos here anymore in the early 70s. And there is a Lolita tale. Pay attention to how in one scene a bottle is right where a man's genital is. I mentioned taboos earlier and male nudity was pretty much the only one left. This goes also for all the other "Schulmädchen" films. It's also an indicator that there is not much scientific value to these and that it's all pretense as the filmmakers knew that men who watch these films to get horny will really be turned off by male genitalia. The last part is about a suicidal couple and intended as the dramatic highpoint I guess, but it was not that well-executed at all. In my opinion, this film is still better than most or all of the sequels, but it is still not a good movie at all.