The prison sequences were filmed in the abandoned Kilmainham Jail in Dublin, which was also used for " The Italian Job" and " Mcvicar".

The year this film was released, Edward Woodward's series of "Callan" was drawing to a close.

"Sitting Target" was one of the first British films to be given an "X" certificate for its violence alone. In spite of that, the B.B.F.C required a few cuts to be made before allowing the film to be released.

Most fans agree that Oliver Reed was far better cast as a psychopathic gangster than Richard Burton from "Villain."

The Mauser Schnellfeuer with telescopic sight used by Oliver Reed was created by Bapty & Co., a British company that provided prop guns to the film industry in the U.K. The same Mauser prop gun was used in "Brannigan (1975) and The Disappearance (1977).