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  • I caught two of these episodes on TNT in the mid 90's.

    Hit and Run with Anthony Geary and another, maybe Cop Killer. They were both very cool. I was quite impressed. As accessible as Shaft's Big Score.

    I have no idea why it was cancelled after only 7 episodes, or why Warner Bros has not found a reason to put these episodes on 2 discs, and charge $29.99 for them. If they double side one of the discs there will be plenty of room for a interview with Richard Roundtree. With only seven episodes, they can probably interview most of the guest cast too.
  • Having now seen all 7 eps of this "Shaft" TV series, I'll just say that while all were pretty exciting for what they were, they're missing the raunchy fun of the previous three theatrical films, all of which starred the cool Richard Roundtree. His friendly banter with Ed Barth as Lt. Al Rossi provide some of the best light-hearted highlights of this short-lived show. There was also a fine score during the entire series run by Johnny Pate, who also did the honors for the third theatrical film in the series, Shaft in Africa. He also nicely performs Issac Hayes' "Theme From Shaft" instrumentally every time an ep begins as well as during exciting points in the series. Having just watched all previous films involving John Shaft including the 2000 reboot with Samuel L. Jackson and Roundtree in a reduced role, I'm next gonna review the recent release of the new Shaft-also with them both-that premiered just a few weeks ago...