Valerie Leon was dubbed throughout the entire film by June Whitfield.

The fictional town of Fircombe is actually Brighton.

Four policemen were used to protect Margaret Nolan's nude scene with Robin Askwith on Brighton beach.

Barbara Windsor had lessons on riding a motorbike in order she could film the final scene.

The role of Cecil Gaybody was written for Charles Hawtrey, however he had been dropped due to his unreliability. It was then offered to Kenneth Williams, who turned it down because of stage commitments.

There is an in-house joke at Rank Film Distributors when Joan Sims' character crashes into a gong.

Clarges Hotel on Brighton seafront, used for the hotel exteriors, was then owned by Dora Bryan.

The role of the Police Inspector was offered to Bill Maynard who withdrew due to TV commitments.

Bernard Bresslaw has the same name used by Terry Scott in Carry on Camping (1969), Peter Potter.

Margaret Nolan's nude scene with Robin Askwith was the first scene to be filmed.

The cast returned to Brighton for the fictional seaside town of Fircombe. The first time was Carry On at Your Convenience (1971) for the memorable drunken day trip with the staff at the toilet factory.

Renee Houston was cast as Mrs Dukes but ill health caused her contract to be cancelled, so Joan Hickson took over her role.

Angela Grant was one of several girls to come out in a rash after being sprinkled with soil and itching powder in the beauty pageant finale.

Carry on Girls was a relative failure at the box office. It was this failure which led to a reduction in the number of Carry Ons from two films a year (for most years of the series up to and including 1972) to one film a year. It also led to the cancellation of the successful Carry on Christmas annual TV show.

The film marked a slightly more risqué treatment of the topic with more nudity and openly sexual jokes than previous films. Discreet cuts by the BBFC (mainly to saucy dialogue and the hotel fight sequence between bikini-clad contestants played by Barbara Windsor and Margaret Nolan) enabled the film to gain the more commercially acceptable A certificate (open to families) than the more restrictive AA certificate, barring entry to the under-fourteens.

The Brighton location filming occupied just three days of the tight filming schedule.

Bernard Bresslaw appears in drag, when his character Peter Potter is masquerading as "Patricia Potter". Due to his baldness and his disguise, this means that at one point he is wearing one wig on top of another.