Although Christopher Lee was offered the role of Dracula, he declined after reading the script.

This is the only Hammer "Dracula" film to feature an actor other than Christopher Lee playing Dracula. However, Lee was also absent for The Brides of Dracula (1960), which did not feature the character.

The first of two Hammer productions shot back-to-back in Hong Kong, and the fifth and last time Peter Cushing would play Van Helsing.

This is the only Hammer "Dracula" film not to feature Count Dracula's name in the title.

John Forbes-Robertson was considered for the role of Dracula in Scars of Dracula (1970) before Christopher Lee was persuaded to return.

John Forbes-Robertson was furious when he discovered that he had been dubbed by David de Keyser.

The film takes place in Transylvania in 1804 and China in 1904.

It is a common mistake to see Peter Cushing's character in this film sometimes listed as Professor Lawrence Van Helsing, when he is actually playing a different member of the Van Helsing family. (In the film, and in the screenplay, Cushing's role is referred to simply as Professor Van Helsing.) All of Peter Cushing's scenes in this film take place in the year 1904, whereas Lawrence Van Helsing was killed in 1872 in a previous film in the series.

WILHELM SCREAM: During the big fight scene at the village (at 1hr 12mns) when Van Helsing shoves a zombie into the fire pit.