Commissionaire: Morning, Miss Whittington.

Miss Whittington: Good morning, Frank.

Commissionaire: You're a bit late.

Miss Whittington: I'm all behind today.

Commissionaire: And quite a bit in front, too, eh?

Miss Whittington: Cheeky!

Miss Tipdale: But eh, what shall I say to Mrs. Frencham?

Arnold Crouch: Well tell her to go to - hello, Mrs Frencham!

Arnold Crouch: Thank heavens you've arrived, Mr. Bodley, I've been driven out of my mind.

Gilbert Bodley: That must have been a very quick trip.

Arnold Crouch: Mr. Bodley. How can you when your wife's away?

Gilbert Bodley: How can I when she isn't?

Arnold Crouch: Mrs. Bodley would be appalled if she knew as much as I know.

Gilbert Bodley: She'd also be very stupid.

Arnold Crouch: 'Every man to his trade', that's what my grandfather was always saying.

Gilbert Bodley: Oh, how very tedious for your grandmother.

Sue Lawson: You don't collect tits, do you?

Maude Bodley: Poor Mr. Bodley must be worn out.

Commissionaire: Yes, when you're away, you know, he certainly gets stuck into things.

Maude Bodley: Well, I'm glad to hear it. He's a tower of strength.

Commissionaire: Yeah, I think he must have.

Arnold Crouch: I would like to say, here and now...

Gilbert Bodley: And you said them very nicely, too.

Janie McMichael: Miss Tipdale, have you got my underwear?

Miss Tipdale: I'm afraid not.

Gilbert Bodley: What are you doing, knitting them?

Harry McMichael: Have you seen any more of Mrs. Lawson?

Arnold Crouch: Yes, quite a lo- no, very little.

Gilbert Bodley: [about Crouch] You must forgive him, you know, he's been laboring under a severe handicap for some time.

Harry McMichael: Really? What's that?

Gilbert Bodley: His brain.

Miss Tipdale: Mr Crouch?

Arnold Crouch: Yes, Miss Tipdale?

Miss Tipdale: May I say something?

Arnold Crouch: Well yes, but eh, not very much.

Harry McMichael: What was Mrs. Lawson's dress doing on your flagpole?

Arnold Crouch: Waving?

Gilbert Bodley: I'm sorry to have to tell you, but your husband and my wife are unfaithful.

Janie McMichael: With whom?

Arnold Crouch: His wife and your husband.

Miss Tipdale: [Bodley has offered Crouch a better position in the firm] Oh Mr Bodly, you won't regret it, I've always thought he had a big potential.

Arnold Crouch: And I'll prove it.

Gilbert Bodley: Yeah, but not now old man.