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  • Despite the title, this has absolutely NOTHING in common with the Marlon Brando film "Last Tango in Paris" released the year before. This is basically a "decamerotici", a period Italian sex comedy inspired by the classic Boccaccio work "The Decameron" (although probably much more by the Passolini movie of the same name). Rather than being a collection of short tales like a lot of the other "decamerotici", this has one central story focusing on a lovable Renaidssance-era rogue and his dimwitted assistant who have invented a powerful aphrodisiac that allows the rogue to cuckold all the local noblemen (as well as deflower at least one of their daughters) while his assistant ruts around with their improbably sexy domestic help.

    The raison d'etre of ALL these movies, of course, is to undress the female cast, which this movie does quite efficiently. Most of the cast are relative unknowns, but the two leads are Rosalba Neri and Erica Blanc, two of the most famous exploitation actresses in Italy at the time. Both actresses more typically appeared in gialli, horror movies, or spaghetti westerns--but they always brightened up whatever movies they appeared in, even borderline dreck like this. Regrettably, Neri and Blanc don't have too many scenes together, but they both appear in more scenes than their clothes do, so it's not a total loss.

    I'm not sure how funny this is since it's only available in an Italian-language version, but these kind of movies are actually much worse dubbed into English, and very few of them ever get subtitled. I can't imagine this would hold too much interest for most people outside of Italy, but as these movies go--well, you could do a lot worse.