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  • Not a particularly brilliant job of taking the mickey out of Last Tango in Paris, but I'm glad somebody did it. In 1973, while so many people were calling the Bertolucci film either brilliant or obscenely exploitative, it did the heart good to see a film unashamedly pointing out that Bertolucci was also absurdly pretentious.
  • elvinjones1 June 2003
    "Ultimo tango a Parigi" (wich the movie of Cicero is a parody) was under one of the most infamous conjure in the story of cinema. But, after this, I think it was one of the most pretentious movies on earth.The Cicero parody is one of the most particular parody ever made. You cannot laugh too much and some of the situations are childish but there is a particular atmosphere that is the same of the Bertolucci's movie and also there is a funeric mood that is the RIGHT side of "ultimo tango". Where "Ultimo tango" desire to be serious is funny and where "Zagarol" pretend to be hilarious is tragic.

    Another thing: in "Parigi" there is a log subplot (boring...) with J.P.Leaud as a novelle vague director that is one of the most snob, radical chic inventions on cinema. Everybody had forgot this part only to remember the act with Brando and Schneider. In "Zagarol" is relatively funny, with Franco told his story to an inspirate actress, the great Franca Valeri. As is said on the Morandini' dictionary of cinema "Franco Franchi in excelsis". Ars longa....