Nanu: [Nanu is smitten on meeting Jane] Me Nanu. You Jane.

Milo Jackson: Now that doesn't sound quite right...

Jane Douglas: [tutoring Nanu in biology, Jane has him hold her hand] Your brain signaled the muscles in your hand to contract in order to hold my hand. Is that clear?

Nanu: Nanu understand.

Jane Douglas: Now when...


Jane Douglas: You can stop holding my hand.

Nanu: Nanu's brain is still signaling.

Announcer: I've never seen anything like this in my entire illustrious career!

Gazenga: My country is currently investing to attract more Doctors.

Interviewer: In research facilities?

Gazenga: No, Golf Courses.

Gazenga: The Innocent Man will live, the Guilty one will die.

[Both the accused drink the potion in turn. The one on the left retches and dies. Then the other one retches and dies too]

Coach Sam Archer: I guess they were both guilty...