Sinbad: Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel!

Haroun: My heart is filled with courage!


Haroun: But I have very cowardly legs.

The Oracle of all knowledge: [the Keeper has summoned the Oracle of All Knowledge from its well and before Sinbad and his comrades, surrounded by licking flames, appears an image of a face like a bearded man with horns like a ram growing from its head, a thick mane of hair and a demonic smile that shows its rotting teeth] Two tablets brought forth to the light, yet a third remains from sight. A final place must still be found, a place that lies deep below the ground...

Sinbad: It speaks in riddles!

The Oracle of all knowledge: No race is lost until in fact it's won, and close behind you comes the black and evil son spawned by the devil, suckled upon black milk of human form... Clad in robes of silk... Destiny... Destiny... Destiny is invisible and yet visible, and men may try to hide yet it's waters mark it clearly like a rainbow in the sky. Destiny is a place where both good and evil wait, and yet their very equality that bates their power, for it is the deeds of weak and mortal men that may tip the scales one way or the other, and then the WORLD shall KNOW and YOU shall KNOW which way the fates have chose you shall GO... GO... GO now... Go north...

Sinbad: Go north?

The Oracle of all knowledge: North to barren lands of pagan places... The pagan barrens... Before a goddess cast with many limbs and death to all intruders is their whim. In that sacred place HID from the eyes of man is the third gold tablet that completes the plan... GO now... GO now... Go north... Go north...

[the voice and image of the Oracle fade away and returns in a burst of light into the well below it]

Koura: He who is patient obtains.

[last lines]

Haroun: I always trust in Allah -

[spoken an instant before he falls off the ship's rope ladder but is saved from hitting the deck by the rope tied around his waist]

SinbadVizier: [spoken in unison] But tie up your camel!

Haroun: [Wakes up] Are you a merchant? How long will we be gone for, a week?

[Sinbad raises his eyebrows]

Haroun: Two weeks? Three weeks? A month?

[Sinbad raises his eyebrows]

Haroun: More than a month! How long?

Sinbad: Two or three years.

Haroun: Two or three years! That's horrible.

[the men laugh]

Haroun: We'll be ancient.

[the men laugh again]

Sinbad: You pace the deck like a caged beast, for one who enjoys the hashish you should be more at peace.

Vizier: The more I study it, the greater the puzzle becomes.

Margiana: I can't understand. Sinbad, why did you do it? Give away a whole kingdom, priceless treasure? Why?

Sinbad: I value freedom. A king is never truly free. Why, he's even told who he must marry.

[seeing the Vasier's mask]

Sailor: I've heard of gold going to a man's head, but this!

Sinbad: Make a rope, out of your turbans and sashes.

Haroun: [Takes off his sash] Come on everyone, use your turbans and sashes.

[his pants fall down]

[first lines]

Lookout: [shouting from the crow's nest] A fine clear morning! And all is well!

Sinbad: We wager our skill against death.

Vizier: And for rich reward. Find this island and a handsome prize awaits every man.

Haroun: There's water down there. There's water everywhere. We're at sea.

Sinbad: This boy's a genius.

Koura: We must hurry, Achmed. He who searches for pearls should not sleep. Sinbad is even now with the vizier and I must hear what passes between them. Walls have mice. And mice have ears. And I have my spy. He has failed me once, but never twice.

Sinbad: You have nothing else to tell me?

Hakim: She is curvaceous. Not deliciously fat as prefer them. But at night, cottonseed is the same as a pearl.

Sinbad: My friend, you cannot pick up two melons with one hand, and I cannot work miracles. Shallah.

Hakim: Allah will smile on you.

Sinbad: More likely, he will laugh at me.

Achmed: You will die if you go on this way.

Koura: To summon the demons of darkness, there is a price. And each time I call upon them, it consumes part of me.

Sinbad: The cabin is very neat. You have all a woman's gifts.

[Sinbad glances over Margiana's figure]

Sinbad: Yes, all of them. Save one.

Margiana: What is that?

Sinbad: Curiosity. You never ask why I brought you along on this voyage.

Margiana: I've only just become a free woman, remember? Slaves do not ask questions. Besides, I'm happy that you brought me along.

Koura: [upon creating a homunculus] Don't fear it, Achmed. It is our friend.

Sinbad: That mark. How did you get it?

Margiana: I don't know. I've had it since I was a child.

Sinbad: An evil eye.

Hakim: No, no.

Margiana: It was tattooed and won't come off.

Sinbad: Perhaps it is a good omen.

Hakim: Yes, to ward off evil spirits.

Koura: Magic purges the soul, Achmed. The night with its ears and the day with its eyes.

Koura: The of energy of youth is mine again. You are too late, Sinbad.

Sinbad: The shield of darkness, a crown of many riches, I'll deny you these.

Koura: Oh, gods and demons of darkness. Rid me forever of this man who stands between me and my destiny! I plead!

Sinbad: They don't hear you, Koura.

Koura: I implore!

Koura: Mighty Kali. Mightier than thou am I. Make obeisance to me.

Vizier: Perhaps it is our destiny to be buried alive.

Sinbad: A man's destiny lies in his own hands. A live dog is better than a dead lion.

Margiana: You followed me instead of Koura. Then he has won the race.

Sinbad: The race perhaps.

Margiana: And the prize?

Sinbad: Not the prize.

Margiana: A crown of untold riches.

Sinbad: I regret nothing.