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  • Ridiculous, silly, flick about 2 working men looking to make it rich by raising enough capital to payroll a porno flick. There is actually no nudity in this film, which would not have helped in any case. Attempts at acting 'hep' were completely juvenile. So much so that I couldn't help feeling embarrassed for the actors.

    A must see for those who enjoyed "Plan 9 from Outer Space".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    THE LAST PORNO FLICK is an independent comedy with a lot of low rent laughs and a fairly unusual plot to recommend it. A down-on-his-luck taxi driver decides to hit the big time by shooting his own porn movie, but he has to cover up his intentions when a group of nuns visit the set. It's a cheesy, rather silly little production, one that gets by thanks to some endearing characters and their larger than life situations. Another viewer complains about the lack of actual pornography, but what was he expecting? This is family viewing, near enough. The familiar faces of Michael Pataki and Colleen Camp show up, alongside the voluptuous and beautiful Robyn Hilton as the starlet of the hour. The Code Red copy is of excellent quality.
  • A film about making a porn film that does not include any actual pornography. Novel though perhaps disappointing to anyone expecting it to include something more substantial than the usual ogling of cleavage.

    A taxi driver who works in and around Hollywood fancies himself as a director. A chance meeting with a real director sees the script of a porn film fall into his hands, and he has the crazy idea of turning it into the real thing. As he has no money worthy of the name he has to dupe others into funding it, including his mother-in-law and his boss. And as his experience is limited to directing the odd amateur play, he decides wisely or not so to bring in someone who knows what to do, an acquaintance who has directed many porn films.

    Clearly "Those Mad Mad Movie Makers" was never meant to be a porn film. Sadly, it gives the impression it was never meant to be a comedy either.