Frannie Malincanico: I want that ring, Stanley.

Stanley Rosiello: I got a ring for ya, Fran. I got a ring for ya. Around my bathtub.

Annie Yuckamanelli: [after an embarassing makeout session] Oh Chico... you made a mess!

Mr. Birnbaum: It's a beautiful ring.

Stanley Rosiello: Listen to me. Listen to me, Daddy-O. See that girl that just walked out of there. If you ever show her a $1600 ring again, you know what's going to be written on your tombstone? Do you know what's going to be written on your tombstone? "I was dumb enough to show Frannie Malincanico a $1600 ring." You know what I mean? Do you?

Frannie Malincanico: I'm late.

Stanley Rosiello: For what?

Frannie Malincanico: My friend! I'm a month late with my friend.

Stanley Rosiello: Who's friend is that, Fran?

Frannie Malincanico: Stanley, I'm pregnant! That rubber band didn't work. What are you going to do?

Stanley Rosiello: You. You. You. You're the one that's pregnant. Not me. You.

Frannie Malincanico: What are we going to tell my mother?

Stanley Rosiello: I don't know.

Frannie Malincanico: What'll I say to the Priest in confession?

Stanley Rosiello: I don't know.

Frannie Malincanico: What kind of clothes am I going to wear to school?

Stanley Rosiello: I don't know.

Frannie Malincanico: You're gonna be a father!

Stanley Rosiello: I don't wanna be a father. You understand? I don't wanna be a father. I'm too young to be a father.

Frannie Malincanico: But, you're old enough to make me pregnant. - - And to go in the Army.

Annie Yuckamanelli: You know something, Chico, there are a lot worst things in this world than getting married.

Jane Bradshaw: What color are my eyes?

David 'Chico' Tyrell: Purple.

Wimpy Murgalo: Did you get your hands on those lemons?

Butchey Weinstein: Lemons?

Wimpy Murgalo: Grapes.

Butchey Weinstein: Grapes?

Wimpy Murgalo: Pits.

Butchey Weinstein: Pits!

David 'Chico' Tyrell: I tell you, if I want to call you, I will. If I don't, I won't. Okay?

Annie Yuckamanelli: Well, if I'm around I'll be there and if I'm not, I won't.

Butchey Weinstein: Hey, Eddie, why do you think we spend so much time in this stinkin' place?

Eddie: It must be my Egg Creams.

[repeated line]

David 'Chico' Tyrell: You trust me?

Frannie Malincanico: You know, all my life I wanted to be engaged.

Annie Yuckamanelli: You know something Stanley, you've got the best girl in all of Brooklyn.

Stanley Rosiello: Yeah. Yeah, I know.

Annie Yuckamanelli: You do.

Frannie Malincanico: Stanley, I love you. Buy me that ring!

David 'Chico' Tyrell: What the hell have maps got to do with anything?

Stanley Rosiello: Maps have got to do with a lot of things. Listen, see I figure it this way, the more maps you read, right, the more you know about where you want to go.

Stanley Rosiello: Now, you're a pigeon, okay? Alright, now, shut your eyes. Come on. Watch me. You're going and you're flying and you're flying and you're going over mountains and you're going over the ocean and your arms are getting tired and you're going farther and farther. Now, right here, Chico, right here, look down, man. Look down. Do you see what's down there? China. China. You know what that means, man? China. You're in Tokyo, man. We're in Tokyo.

David 'Chico' Tyrell: I gotta bike. I can go places, man. I can go places!

Stanley Rosiello: That's the whole thing. That's the whole thing. You see, I don't need a bike to go any place, Chico. To go places, I mean to really go places, you gotta have imagination.

David 'Chico' Tyrell: No, man! You can have all the imagination you want, man. You're never going to see no Chinese in Tokyo!

Crazy CohenButchey WeinsteinWimpy MurgaloStanley Rosiello: [singing] When you're a Lord, When you're a Lord, People look at you differently, They treat you with dignity, Knowing you are a Lord, Knowing you are one...

Wimpy Murgalo: of the...

Butchey Weinstein: Lords...

Crazy Cohen: Lords...

Wimpy Murgalo: Lords...

Stanley Rosiello: You are a Lord.