Don Diego/Zorro: Why is it that the scoundrels of the world are always remembered and the well-bred men completely forgotten?

Theresa: Perhaps it's because there is nothing particularly memorable about scented bathtubs.

Theresa: [shuts door as uncle leaves, turns and sees Diego there] You?

Don Diego/Zorro: Yes.

Theresa: How... how did you get here?

Don Diego/Zorro: Well, a man can do many things if he must.

Theresa: [gasps and smiles] I must be dreaming, you are Zorro!

Don Diego/Zorro: [puts finger to lips] I'm sorry I had to decieve you tonight but to accomplish what I must I had to decieve many people.

Theresa: And I suppose you came to tell me that asking for my hand was merely part of the game?

Don Diego/Zorro: Oh no. It is the one real thing in the whole masquerade.

[they kiss]

Captain Esteban: I trust you find this room more to you're liking?

Don Diego/Zorro: Well this room is already stained in blood... a little more won't make any diffrence

Captain Esteban: [as Zorro is unmasked] So... inside the peacock... we find a hawk.

Captain Esteban: I see you're dressed for a funeral

Don Diego/Zorro: On the contary... the funeral shall be yours

Captain Esteban: [as Zorro complaments his move] I learned it on the battlefield.