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  • Even at a swift 72 minutes, the time seems to stand still. "Tender Loving Care" is a medical melodrama/sexploitation flick...and it's very painful.

    This film is filled to the brim with terrible acting, gratuitous female nudity, and a plot that will make the most serious movie watcher burst out laughing. At one point, I actually thought I had slipped into unconsciousness for about half an hour. Picture this: a hospital patient is laying in a bed paralyzed. A nurse is telling him about how she is going to help him get through physical therapy so that he can walk again. The guy screams at her and tells her to get out. The next thing you know, the guy's all better and the two of them are rolling around together naked. Sadly, that's just one example of editing which seems to indicate that entire scenes were probably removed from the movie.

    I usually like to describe the plot a little bit. However, I have too much respect for my time (and yours) to bother with that. Let me assure you...the events that occur are both silly and boring. 1/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I remembered seeing a VHS copy of this when I was 16 at the local video store & it wouldn't have been suitable for viewing while I'd been living with my grandmother, so I chose something more appropriate. In any event, I was delighted to see this had been released to DVD & buy a copy.

    I found Tender Loving Care a good B cult film. I couldn't wait for the DVD to get here as I was anxious to see this, finally. Details of the cast is very obscure. The actress who played Tracy hadn't been listed in the credits (unless she was listed under "nurse"?) & I'm assuming Tony Victor was the hunky doctor who portrayed Tracy's sexy boyfriend (the credits didn't specifically list which actor portrayed which character). Likely, John R. Daniels had been Dr. Traynor in the film. All-in-all, rather than to be too harsh in judging the film, go in knowing it isn't a masterpiece, but a fun way to spend an hour and twelve minutes. (The length of the DVD is correct & coincides with IMDb's movie length for this film, so contrary to the other reviewer's supposition, the film is shown in its entirety & there's been nothing cut!) The quality of the DVD wasn't by any means excellent, but it wasn't terrible either, I'd give it a solid 8. The movie alone gets 5 stars. The ending had a twist that kept me a little puzzled regarding Doc Traynor, but otherwise, if you love softcore cult films of the 1970s, give this one a try.