• WARNING: Spoilers

    The steamy summer of 1974 Galveston, Texas is the backdrop for this "Blaxplotation" Classic, starring Lincoln Kilpatrick as "Billy Most" a misunderstood, troubled, cross dressing ex-con, who misguidedly obsesses over yearning to birth, suckle, nurture and rear his own progeny. Yet, due to obvious gender issues, is rendered incapable and sublimates by kidnapping a young Black boy to call his own.

    The missing boy however has attachments to a community of teen youths, led by H.J. "Ahmad Nurradin" and four of his fellow "soul brothers and one "Good-Cop", "Mr. Kool", played by Ed Bernard of "Police Story-circa 1974".

    The storyline, though choppy and mellow dramatic; offers a very real snapshot of 1970's Urban America. Big Afros, Race Based Slang, tube tops, Hip-Hugger Pants, Run-Down Shanties, Drugs, Pimps and assorted other stereotypes depicting the plight or making fun of a world left standing untouched in the wake of the 1960's Civil Rights Movement.

    As a jumping off point, "Mr. Kool" a mentor to "The Brothers" is brutally murdered by our antagonist, as he rescues the young boy who is subsequently rendered unable to speak. That is where our young vigilante group "The Brothers" band together to identify the killer and assist the police, by any means necessary.

    As with many movies of its day; the body of work would be considered racist, politically incorrect and possibly written off as bad cinema. Yet its cast of mostly unknowns, juxtaposed to a decaying industrial quadrant of 1970's Galveston, Texas actually works. Barry White issues a one and only sound track. Raw, and very indicative of the times. Citizen Kane, Shaft, Blackula, Super Fly, no! But, it has a plot, the over-riding theme is Over-Coming, not being overtaken by the environment, and for a 1974 audience starved for young Blacks out to help themselves by helping each other, it provides a nice little snack. This work may be hard to find, but if you can, check it out.

    See it several times and remember. Marvel at the dated slang, and remember that this genre of film was still in infancy and literally just a breath away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Enjoy.