Frightening & Intense Scenes (7)

  • None
  • Suspects can takes police officers and complainants hostage,death threats can happening,verbal arguments can be take place/happened,and people died off-screen.
  • Several verbal arguments.
  • In "The Hero",Chano,who is in his apartment,sit down and start crying.This may cause younger viewer to cry.Too intense and sad.
  • Cotterman get shot and killed by two bad guys off screen (it was referred).
  • In "Homicide:Part 2",the 12th precinct squad learns that Mr. Cotterman got shot and killed.
  • In "The Hero",Chano starts crying at his apartment,his is may too intense for some younger viewers.Viewers may crying for this scene.
  • In "The Hero",Chano shot and killed two robbers,causing to depress to/for this,and his behavior gets strange.