Conchata Ferrell was the only performer to repeat her role from the original Off-Broadway production.

Her role as April, reprising her role from the off-Broadway play, was only the second venture into television for Conchata Ferrell. Although the series was a ratings disappointment, and was quickly canceled after only 13 episodes, it proved to be a breakthrough role that launched her prolific acting career in television and feature films that continues 45 years later.

This notably groundbreaking and often controversial show featured the first male same-sex couple, George and Gordon(played by Lee Bergere and Henry Calvert) to be depicted on an American television series.

Originally broadcast in 1975, the network (A.B.C.) was hoping to have their own Norman Lear hit. Adapted from an off-Broadway play, the regular characters included a prostitute and a gay couple. From the beginning, the network, and its Broadcast Standards department, were "nervous" about the contents of the show. Disappointing ratings were all that was needed for the network to drop the series after only 13 episodes.