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  • And thank goodness for that. Starsky and Hutch could've been like every other cop show out there, all about fists and bad guys, tough street talk and that car, but it wasn't. What makes Starsky and Hutch unique among cop shows, even today, was the relationship between the two partners. I know that isn't and wasn't everyone's cup of tea, and there are a lot of people who malign the show for the alleged homosexual overtones, but it was the friendship that has drawn me back over all these years. What Starsky and Hutch had was a relationship that spanned all situations...from the crises (The Fix, Shootout, A Coffin for Starsky, et al.) to the everyday humor and good-natured bantering that showed how their closeness and enjoyment of one another. Call me sentimental, but the clothes, the car, the talk, all are somewhat laughable today...but a friendship like that is rare, as well as special, and never goes out of style.
  • How can I begin to describe one of the best buddy/cop shows on the air in the Seventies? I looked forward to each episode and hated it when I had to miss it for some reason. The chemistry between David Soul and Paul M. Glaser was superb, with each man giving to his character that special something that can't be duplicated. The blond and the cute, the dark and the handsome, one a thinker, the other a doer, one quiet, one a little bit loud, but both very appealing....Did their best work in a red and white Torino. The show was at it's best when the powers that be let them do their own thing, at it's worst when it tried to comply with those who wanted it to be something it was was not a show about social workers. It was a show about two cops and two men who cared about each other. It was at its greatest when it found the humor of life after all the chaos of the evenings episode. It was and is truly one of its kind. I loved it and cherish it as one of my favorite childhood shows. Thank you Paul and David!!
  • Watching archived episodes of Starsky and Hutch on hulutv has been a real treat lately, especially since I was a regular viewer when the original series started in 1975.

    I noticed that producer/director/writer Michael Mann, ala Miami Vice, wrote the first 4 episodes on Season 1.

    The episodes had good plots, a variety of fine character actors that played some of the bad guys, foxy girls, funky music background, an original opening theme written by Lalo Schifrin and many other elements that contributed it the show's success.

    Fans of the show will always remember Starsky's leather jacket that must have been worn by an ace WW11 fighter pilot and passed down from generation until he probably found it cheap at the local thrift store and Hutch's plaid shirts, khaki pants, the shoulder holsters that held those 6 shooter cannon revolvers, the 2 cars and of course their sometimes pimp but harmless snitch Huggy Bear.

    I miss shows in today's TV cable world that's sporting almost 500 channels like the old days of dramatic, sometimes comedic cop shows like S&H. I really had no desire to see the recent movie.

    Watching episodes through the online link is really bringing back some memories of decades past.
  • Along with "All in the Family" and "Seinfeld", "Starsky & Hutch" was among the best shows ever on the air. From 1975-1979 I had only missed the last episode because it had been moved from 9 to 10 pm, one hour past my curfew. I did however throw a tantrum and in the morning was given my first lesson on repairing drywall. Unfortunately in my anger, I had thrown the Gran Torino model I had made through the wall. Now 29 years later, I find myself forgetting phone numbers and names...but for some strange reason, I never forgot the S&H plate number, 537-ONN...SCARY. I was so happy to hear about the movie, but when I found out that they were replaced by Wilson and Stiller, I was sick. That is moronic. However, nothing was as moronic as the film. I read that Glaser & Soul had a 5 minute cameo...but I suppose for those who liked the movie and thought it was funny, they may be too young to tell time. The cameo didn't last more than a minute and it was all unlaughable comedy. The original TV show was a mixture with actors who actually have talent and chemistry. Stick to the original and don't waste a dime on renting the movie. Get the DVD collection. I have it and it is amazing. There is also a Starsky and Hutch game for 9.99-19.99. It is so much fun, and it has the original huggy's voice for the narrator, Antonio Fargas. I hope that one day before long, I will turn on the TV and David Soul will get his wish, Starsky & Hutch will once again ride the TV airwaves for a final tribute.
  • As a second-generation fan I discovered this TV Gem from repeats in the mid-nineties. I've just finished watched the final series and you can't help but think that a fifth season would have rounded it off rather nicely, 'Sweet Revenge' intentionally leaves the door wide open for the fifth series but with it's cancellation we'll never know what becomes of our favourite duo; does Starsky return to work? do they quit, get their happy ending in the shape of happy love affairs that's not doomed for once - what?!

    The dynamic of Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul as the loyal, live-wired cops has hardly ever been equalled: Glaser brings passion and humour - not to mention the sexy strut and a smile to die for - into Dave Starsky. While David Soul brings humility and quiet strength into Ken Hutchinson, together they really are quite something. Then you have the coolest sidekick on '70's TV Huggy Bear played by Antonio Fargas though acquiring odd clothes he usually hogged the best lines! The second and third season is really when Starsky & Hutch is at it's finest: whether it goofing around in Las Vegas or on an exotic island, the stories are gripping in one minute then sensitive and serious in the next. My particular favourites are 'Murder on Playboy Island', Starsky's Lady, 'A Body worth Guarding', 'Murder at Sea' and 'Gillian'

    First Season is slow but has some memorable episodes, the fourth is very gritty, realist and uneven at times. Showcasing the actors' restlessness. But episodes like Targets without a badge and of course Sweet Revenge proved that the show still had some sparkle left, pity really......
  • dataconflossmoor8 July 2007
    David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser were fabulous as the perennial bachelors who took on an unorthodox approach to solving San Francisco's most heinous crimes!! Drugs were a big part of this show, it depicted the drawbacks to using drugs and illustrated the delirium that they put many destitute walks of life into! Paul Michael Glaser was sensational as the totally guy's guy detective!! His personality went beyond likable, his role as Starsky was a big component in making this series extremely entertaining!! David Soul was excellent as well, as the all American detective Hutch, he definitely sparked an identifiability with the television viewer!! The rest of the cast was realistically portrayed in keeping with the time (the 1970's) that this show aired!! The '2005 movie was more of a satire of the original series, and was amusing more than anything else!! As a kid, I liked "Starsky and Hutch" a lot and I am glad that it was a big part of my childhood television viewing!! I give it a thumbs up!!
  • I am 14 years old and Starsky and Hutch is my favourite show ever! It is simply FANTASTIC! I love it. Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul have amazing chemistry and are superb actors. The friendship between Starsky and Hutch is wonderful as well and makes the show much more enjoyable to watch.I don't think there has ever been a show before or since which shows such a special and unique friendship- it is what separates it from other cop shows-Starsky and Hutch is NOT about the car,or the guns the end, it is all about the friendship.

    Wonderful other characters- Huggy Bear, Dobey etc make it even better and pull the show together. Other older shows have got old fashioned or the acting is poor, but Starsky and Hutch is, I would say, a million times better than TV shows on telly now. I am hoping that they do the re-union with Paul and David- and so are hundreds and hundreds of other fans! Starsky and Hutch rule forever!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First I want to make clear that I have nothing against Stiller or Phillips but no way did they pull off Starsky and Hutch.Two of the sexiest men on t.v. in the 70's! Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul had a aura about them that no one has ever come close to. I loved the episodes where David Soul was allowed to sing. Melt your heart away!!! And Paul Michael Glaser was always there beside his friend and partner. A true friend indeed!! Yes, it was only a television show but that kind of connection is rare. The two men knew how to make the script work and put a bit of themselves in it. Some of what we watched every week was them not Starsky or Hutch but Paul and David. I was 10 when the show first aired but it was the only show my dad would allow me to break my bed time curfew and watch. When it went off the air I cried. I can remember every show like it was yesterday. Two of my favorite episodes were "Kill Starsky" where Starsky almost died. I cried so hard that my dad had to turn away from the program, Silly huh!! And the other was "Ice storm" where Hutch is juiced up because he would tell a drug lord where a girl was. I was so angry I am yelling at the screen. " You better watch out Starsky is gonna kick your butt if you hurt Hutch!!" My dad thought I was nuts!!!I used to have the biggest crush on David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser. I still find them very handsome. Now that the series is on DVD through Netflix and Blockbuster online, I have rented them 6 times and now my sons are fans. I miss the show tremendously. The cameo that Paul and David got in the 2004 film was an insult I thought, because it was those two men who paved the way for Stiller and Phillips to get their shot at it. I wish both David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser all the best because they earned it. Paul, I am deeply sorry for the loss of your wife and daughter and wish you all the best. They didn't die in vain! The work Elizabeth did for aids research is an awesome thing and she has saved many people because of it. I know March 25th was your birthday and I hope it was a happy and healthy one. God Bless You!!! David, I hope you are in good health and don't stop singing. I loved to listen to you sing on the show and hope you have gotten everything you wanted out of life. April Smith
  • Before "Miami Vice". Before "Cagney and Lacey". Before "Lethal Weapon". Before "Tenspeed and Brownshoe". Before "48 Hours". And before "Hardcastle and McCormick" there was the one cop show the defined it's own character and launched the cop show genre as we know it today. That television show was "Starsky & Hutch". The series became one of the biggest hits at ABC producing 92 episodes during its four seasons on the air running from September 10,1975 until May 15, 1979. Created by William Blinn and Produced by the team of Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg(along with Joesph T. Naar and Adrian Samish) under their production company Spelling-Goldberg Productions for the ABC Television Network. Spelling-Goldberg productions were behind an array of great shows that they produced ranging from "The Rookies", and "SWAT" to name a few.

    Interesting points about this show. "Starsky & Hutch" premiered as a pilot 90-minute movie that aired as the "ABC Movie of the Week" on April 30, 1975. It was a smash hit and so successful that the network gave the greenlight for this as a weekly series on September 10, 1975. So successful that it was nominated the Golden Globe in 1976 for Best Television Series and won the People's Choice Award in 1976 as Overall Favorite Television Program(tied with another ABC show "Welcome Back Kotter that same year). The series starred David Soul(coming off another TV-series "Here Come The Brides",and "Owen Marshall:Counselor At Law")and Paul Michael-Glaser(a former daytime serial actor who crossed over in theatrical films starring in the Oscar nominated "Fiddler on the Roof",and his guest star appearances on television series like "Kojak", "Cannon","The Streets of San Francisco","The Rockford Files",and "Toma")as undercover detectives who work for the Los Angeles Police Department under the supervision watch of Captain Dobey(Bernie Hamilton). The informant was the street-wise/educated sidekick Huggy Bear(Antonio Fargas) who know what crimes were committed before Starsky and Hutch and even Captain Dobey solve them. There cases ranged from police corruption to murders, rapists, cults, bank robbers, and whatever else was creeping in the streets of modern day Los Angeles in the mid-1970's. This was a series that was action-packed bringing in big time guest stars with superb acting,superb direction and excellent production values.

    The show had a excellent premise in its first couple of seasons(Micheal Mann wrote and directed the first four episodes for Season 1)with some big time directors ranging from George McCowan, Earl Bellamy, Don Weis, to Sutton Roley, Jack Starrett, Fernando Lamas, Barry Shear, Leo Penn, Dick Moder, Michael Schultz, and Ivan Dixon. Even Paul Michael-Glaser and David Soul were behind the camera for various episodes. Big time writers from William Blinn, Michael Fisher, Rick Edelstein, Ron Friedman, to Edward J. Lakso, Robert I. Holt, James Schmerer, Amanda J. Green, to Jackson Gillis, Mann Rubin, Jeff Kanter, Dan Ullman, and Sidney Ellis. Not to mention Paul Michael-Glaser who also wrote an episode for the series.

    Not to mention the guest stars ranging from Suzanne Somers, Alex Rocco, Frank Converse, Stephen McNally, Janet Margolin, Lynda Carter, Will Geer, Joan Blondell, Roger E. Mosley, Ron Moody, George Dzundza, Carl Betz, Albert Paulsen, Karen Valentine, Val Avery, John Ritter, Morgan Woodward, Malachi Throne, Kim Cattrall, Gary Lockwood, Samantha Eggar, Don Gordon, Philip Michael-Thomas, Yvonne Craig, Calvin Lockhart, Scatman Crothers, Bill Duke, Edward James-Olmos, Al White and many more.

    Several good episodes do stand out from this series that included the series premiered pilot episode "Savage Sunday"(Season 1, Episode 1). The best episodes included "The Set-Up",Parts 1 and 2(Season 2, Episodes 16 and 17); "The Fix"(Season 1, Episode 5); "The Plague",Parts 1 & 2(Season 3, Episodes 8 and 9); "The Hostages"(Season 1, Episode 15); "Death Rides"(Season 1, Episode 3); "Starsky and Hutch are Guilty"(Season 2, Episode 25); "A Coffin For Starsky"(Season 1, Episode 21); "Targets With A Badge",Parts 1 & 2(Season 4, Episodes 18 and 19); "The Trap"(Season 3, Episode 15); "The Shootout"(Season 1, Episode 14); "The Bloodbath" (Season 2, Episode 14); "Hutchinson For Murder One"(Season 3, Episode 18); "Satan's Witches"(Season 3, Episode 16); "The Committee"(Season 2, Episode 21); "The Trap"(Season 3, Episode 15); "Death In A Different Place"(Season 3, Episode 5); "The Hostages"(Season 1, Episode 15);and the final episode of the series "Sweet Revenge"(Season 4, Episode 22). The worst episodes of "Starsky and Hutch"...."Murder At Sea",Parts 1 & 2(Season 2, Episodes 3 and 4); "Huggy Bear and the Turkey"(Season 2, Episode 20); "Ballad For A Blue Lady"(Season 4,Episode 14); "The Golden Angel(Season 4, Episode 15);and "The Bounty Hunter"(Season 1,Episode 22).

    ABC kept moving the show around in different time slots to find its audience which was very successful during its entire four year-run with Season 1 on Wednesday nights for the 1975-1976 season. The next season it moved to Saturday nights for the next two seasons. The final season saw the show moved again to Tuesday nights until its cancellation in 1979. The show that eventually replaced "Starsky & Hutch" after four seasons was another Aaron Spelling produced series...the short-lived science fiction/drama "The Lazarus Syndrome" that lasted one season.
  • Action , Drama , humor . Romance . all combined into one even at 15 years old and nearly 45 years old i love this show the exquisite chemistry and performances from the best star sky and hutch David soul , Paul Micheal Glaser so convincing at every moment exhilarating car chases wonderfully choreographed shootout sequences . I recommend if you have just discovered this series begin with it and maybe leave the movie out of you're collection again it was not bad movie just lacked the magic of the original show that couldn't be replicated in any cop show that preceded it with the exception of the Sweeney which starred the late great John thaw which had a completely different tone to this show being more violent and tough with less humor .
  • The best cop show of the 70's and, with the exception of Kojak and the Rockford Files, a jewel in a sea of studio-cloned crap. First with the much-copied clichés of gruff captain and streetwise, all-knowing snitch, it had pace, pathos and, of course, the Striped Tomato.

    Until the Hill Street Blues ushered in a new style of cop show for the eighties, Starsky and Hutch was the defining show of my teens and a rollicking, unashamed express-ride through the polyestered, bell-bottomed decade with two likable cops who are also best friends and plenty of short-skirted, tight-jeaned girls. It also had the great sense not to outlive its popularity.

    We all had favourites (mine was Starsky) and we all tried to be as cool as Huggy Bear (brilliantly played by Antonio Fargas)...and failed miserably.

    It has definitely dated down the years, but I have a copy on DVD and still take it out now and again for a chuckle at what we used to look like.
  • I just watched the 'Pilot' episode again the other day and it has all the talent of a theater film, with all the intrigue! It's awesome. If you own the DVD set, see the pilot, again.

    From that moment back in late 1975 (I remember) I was not supposed to be watching T.V. much less be awake and in a dark living room watching television my show ended and then as I waited, I saw this new show. It shot through me like cold water in the face. I was on the very edge of my seat and I was almost seven years old. These two guys in a red and white striped Ford Gran Torino come practically sideways out of an alleyway being chased by a black Lincoln and race down streets until pulling into a parking lot skidding to a halt and one of the guys (with dark curly hair) bolts across the hood of the car in boots leaving a small ding-mark on the hood. The other fellow was pulling another big guy out of the black car too! There's a pretty dancing girl, "Hey this isn't bad, I thought to myself." They are now searching on streets for somebody at night, the red car rolling with magnet police light flashing along side the blond man, who's carrying a 357! All of a sudden that blond guy is yelling at someone in a parking garage(really loud, it looks like too) all this action and it was good, these guys are the good guys! I really enjoyed it and then the second season started and the theme music was done by Mark snow and Tom Scott. Just at the moment those first notes hit my eardrums, it coursed through my mind making a sound track impression {almost dreamy} that would instantly pull me back to that spot whenever I would hear it again! Thirty one years later it has almost the same effect when I hear the theme from season two. It was like being with the brother I never had (Soul) and the cousin I always love to hang out with (glasser) and a GREAT BIG uncle named Dobey. I am amazed at the topics that they covered in the first season alone. Figuring that this show being cutting edge was first brought to the air in the 70's it shows how they took different cases from actual police investigation files and made them for a large viewing audience. Death, , kidnapping, gambling, racketeering, etc and that was all in the 1975 season. This is the new breed of cop and cop show.

    As bad luck would have it, one night...I got caught watching the show by my parents and forbid by my dad to watch it anymore. What else can a regular 'Joe' like me say other than...I'm still hooked. I went and saw the Movie and it was pretty funny, although they didn't reach the emotional or story depth that the show had on most of the episodes, but I was amazed at the end of the (2004)Movie when David Soul and Paul Michael Glasser entered the scene even the second time I saw it in the theater, the audience applauded and whistled!! (just about thirty years later)I was caught off guard by the audiences 'cheering', three decades after the show was 'canceled'.

    P.S: Back then in the seventies, My Father used to work for Ford Motor Company I would go with him and run around the whole big place. "Bud Meadows Ford" in Portland Oregon, the dealership. He ended up selling quite a few of those limited edition 2-dr Red and white striped Gran Torino's I don't quite know at that time if he knew that the car was from my favorite t.v. show or not.(***)
  • I love Starsky and Hutch. They are the best.

    I love crime shows, old ones or new ones, it doesn't matter. My favourite part of "Starksy & Hutch" is the two main characters, Dave Starksy and Ken Hutchinson. They are so sweet and such good friends, they are a joy to watch together. This was back when characters on TV shows were actually likable, and these two are a prime example of that. Some of the writing leaves a little to be desired, but the cases are interesting and it's a fun show. It doesn't take itself too seriously. So if you're looking for violence and gore, find a different cop show. If you're looking for interesting cases and good characters, you will enjoy "Starsky & Hutch".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Law and Order? Bleeh. CSI? Naaah. Magnum PI? Nuh uh. Starsky and Hutch? YEAH!! If you're looking for an AWESOME, ACTION PACKED show, this one is definitely for you! Starsky and Hutch was the greatest show to come from the 70s. I remember gathering around the TV set with my husband and children, waiting for that classic theme to start and ready to see that beautiful red torino come squealing onto the screen. My favorite episode was and always will be The Las Vegas Strangler. There was just something about Hutch's feelings towards his old high school buddy that really drew me in. I loved how he wouldn't give up his belief that his friend was indeed innocent despite Starsky's urging.

    When I heard that there was going to be a Starsky and Hutch movie, I was so excited. Seeing Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul reunited on the big screen was going to be a treat, indeed! However, my dreams were shattered when I learned that two young kids, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, would be taking the parts of Starsky and Hutch, respectively. Not only that but they got Snoop Doggy Dogg to play one of the finest characters in the history of TV, Huggy Bear. An abomination! I admit that I did go and see the film but I was highly disappointed. The highlight was at the end when the original boys had their five second cameo.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that the TV show is in a league of its own and no remake or other cop show can possibly come close to its greatness. Whether you be 19 or 99, you should certainly give this classic a try. Look in the TV show section of your local movie rental place, it should be there right after Sex in the City! Check it out! You won't be disappointed!
  • As with most cop/buddy shows of the 70s, the plots were pretty generic, and this was no exception. What made the show for most people was the characters. The chemistry between Starsky, and Hutch was people liked, not to mention the flaming red Ford Torino! Where I lived, Starsky, and Hutch became another word for best friends, if you were a guy, (or Laverne, and Shirley for women.) So the writers worked the friendship angle into the plot, as opposed to being just another shootem'up cop show, and unlike the people involved with 'The Dukes of Hazzard', they knew the people were the real stars of the show, not the car.

    This was another tv show that had an influence on our culture. Ford sold thousands of copies of the Starsky, and Hutch Torinos (Forgetting the fact the Torino was Starsky's. Hutch drove a beat up 73 Ford custom!), and they redefined cool. If you have a Starsky, and Hutch Torino, HANG ON TO IT! Not only is it worth some major bucks, but it is an icon of our culture.
  • monomerd4 August 2016
    Starsky and Hutch was my absolute favorite show (and obsession) for two formative years of my life, and probably will always hold a special place in my heart. I still can watch it and smile, even forty years later. The first two seasons contained some amazing stuff and changed a lot of my youthful ideas about the kinds of relationships and emotions that can be expected of men. All positive and important information for a teen girl trying to understand the adult world, and especially men. The second two seasons ran a gambit of styles and never seemed to find its footings, so it lost me back then. I'm rediscovering it now and learning to appreciate some parts that were beyond me in the past (though some of it defies explanation).

    David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser were so good at what they did; I don't think they get enough credit. They could be absolutely stellar as their characters and, although they often had great dialog to work with, non-verbal communication was their forte. That talent they had with each other was sometimes enhanced for amazing results and sometimes exploited and squandered. Although they had to contend with extreme variations of style of writing and directing and story lines, when they were given good stuff, they nailed it every time.

    Starsky and Hutch is still very watchable even forty year later. The show is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and crazy curves. But as with any great coaster, you never will forget the ride.
  • Where do I begin? In the short span of four years, this show won viewers all over the globe. I myself began watching a few months ago, and the way the story lines are put together are very impressive. But what really pulled me to it was the chemistry between the two main stars, Paul Micheal Glaser (aka Dave Starsky) and David Soul (aka Ken Hutchinson) the way they worked wasn't false, they could make an episode much more realistic than probably any TV show I know. The first season, whilst a little slow, does introduce the concept of streetwise cop stories, with season two entering much darker territory and concepts. There were some significant highlights, of one and two, including 'The Fix,' 'A Coffin For Starsky,' 'Shoot Out,' and 'Bloodbath.' These ones for me really picked out what is true to life. With this show, it hit the nail hard, it didn't show you what was brilliant, it showed reality.

    When I watched the third season, there wasn't as much magic there. The violence was reduced, but the chemistry was ever growing, and the two really put there heart into the role. Significant story lines were marked as classic, as the two worked around the social elements of the show. However, season one and two definitely showed something special, the quality of the stories, the way they both made the roles come alive, and of course the striped tomato running around the streets! Season four was the weakest season, where they were gripping on to stories, and the two were fed up of the roles after four years of action. But some highlights and twists made this series great, especially the final episode 'Sweet Revenge,' which made sure that Starsky and Hutch finished with a twist, and went out with a bang, remembered for it's splendor.

    The 2004 movie will never have the elements of the series, never have the same quality characters, jokes or personal feel, and the other main characters of the show, Huggy bear, Captain Dobey, and even returning special guests really keeps this show alive.

    To conclude, Starsky and Hutch is that very rare show with action, a personal feel, suspense, drama, and fun. Starsky and Hutch is a classic show, which will be remembered for the rest of eternity, unlike the 2004 movie, what a letdown! Starsky and Hutch, 1975, is a true classic!
  • In starsky and hutch there is everything from action scenes to car and foot chases in all 4 seasons, to the humor of the 4 main performers to sentimental dramas
  • claudehes8 June 2020
    It is impossible to create such a beautiful and perfect TV series but the writers and producers have made it, so what to say compliments to them and of course to our starsky and hutch, pity that they did 4 seasons because sincerely considering the success it has had they could do more
  • mohamedverny1 June 2020
    This is the best, starsky and hutch is the most beautiful TV series of the history and i am very happy to discover it
  • Starsky and Hutch is one of TV's most iconic shows.Saying your close to someone like Starsky and Hutch is synonymous with being best buds. It wasn't the car chases or the story lines that kept the fans coming back each week; It was the friendship between the partners. Close friends off the set, Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul brought their real friendship to the show. This personal touch can be seen throughout the run of the series. It does come off as dated when watched on DVD, but the combination of action adventure and humor are still addictive. These cops were more like superheros than real cops but thats half the fun. Todays cop shows are almost too real. There is no escapism. In 4 years Starsky and Hutch got poisoned, shot,shot up with heroin, kidnapped, pushed down canyons, and had some of the worst luck with women ever seen in prime time but that's the reason we watched. They also had help in one flashy pimp named Huggy Bear and the gruff butloveable Captain Dobey. The third star of the show was the Striped Tomato. That Torino was probably every boys(and some girls)dream. Thank God for DVD's. Now I can go revisit Bay City anytime I like.
  • S&H was and still is my favourite detective series, with its colourful characters, loaded on action-drama, some comic-relief and of course that cool car to boot. They don't make them like that anymore, I mean both the car and the series.
  • This has to be one of my all time favorite cop shows. David Soul & Paul Michael Glasser were both great working together. All of the 88 episodes were fun to watch. There Grand Torino is a trademark in television history & I hope that they will show reruns of this classic in Canada soon...
  • This TV series could have had up to 10 seasons considering the beauty and success it had, too bad but congratulations, and beautiful
  • Starsky and Hutch is before my time i'm from 87 but when i saw the dvd box i had to buy it i heard nothing but good things about this not a simple cop show but one of the best old cop shows that existed
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