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  • I remember this one very well. Although it's long forgotten in the chasm of TV history, I will always have fond memories of it. The Platt family sort of typified what a family of the 70's went through. This show had some very funny moments at times and poignant moments as well. Alan Alda deserves credit for creating this show. Paul Sorvino, who plays the caring father never disappoints. He of course went on to better things, as we know. The role of Liz played by Mitzi Hoag was really good, too. But what I liked the best were the children. I really wonder if any of these episodes exist anywhere? Well If I were to never to see any of them again, I will have the memories.
  • I remember this being a summer fill in show. I think it was on Wednesday evenings

    Sadly it was not lucky enough to get picked up by CBS as a regular series.

    There were only 4 or 5 episodes shown. Each was introduced by Alan Alda, letting you know that this was his creation, and that he hoped we enjoyed it. It was a typical sit-com of a Blue collar family with family issues.A Mom and A Dad, Two sons, and a over weight daughter with Glasses who has a sharp, sharp tongue. Not a family of great wealth. But a family of great Love!

    To prove that I was a child TV addict, I can recall the words to the theme song.

    Sometimes its happy, and sometimes its sad. Learning to be a family is not easy. But then with his need and her need... Sure as anything.

  • It's been well over 35 years since this was on television. So, my once treasured memories of it have started to fade already. But it was such a great show to a young teenager like me at the time that I watched it every time it was on once I discovered it.

    I remember that the show was struggling because CBS didn't have a regular time slot for it. One minute it was on Friday night, the next it would air on Tuesday with back to back episodes. Then it disappeared all together and then those dreaded words came my way: CANCELED.

    I do hope someday that the entire series will be released on DVD like "Lotsa Luck" and "Good Morning, World!" which have also been forgotten, yet issued on DVD.