Features EON Productions James Bond Series regulars Lois Maxwell who played Miss Moneypenny, Bernard Lee who played M, and Clifton James who played Sheriff J.W. Pepper twice, in Live and Let Die (1973) and The Man with the Golden Gun (1974).

Chiffre is the surname of this film's director Yvan Chiffre and it's also the name of the villain Le Chiffre in the Ian Fleming James Bond novel "Casino Royale" and its three filmed adaptations: Casino Royale (1967), Casino Royale (2006) and Climax!: Casino Royale (1954).

A double of Richard Nixon appears in the spoof.

Sequences pays homage to The Marx Brothers, the Shaw Brothers and Laurel & Hardy [Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy].

This James Bond spoof actually excerpts the actual official James Bond theme composed by Monty Norman.

A scene spoofs Adolf Hitler.

A german picture, Circle of Fear (1973), with the same English language translation ("From Hong Kong with Love") had launched only about a couple of years earlier. These film's titles are a spoof and/or reference to the second James Bond movie and source Ian Fleming novel of From Russia with Love (1963) which at the time of this French spoof had been made and released around twelve years earlier. Another James Bond spoof with a similar title would be made and released around twenty years later that being Gwok chaan Ling Ling Chat (1994) ["From Beijing With Love"]. Another Asian James Bond spoof, For Y'ur Height Only (1981), would later spoof the title and source Bond book of For Your Eyes Only (1981).

Actor David Tomlinson received a 'guest star' credit.

French actress Huguette Funfrock portrayed dual roles as both Madame Loubet and Queen Elizabeth II.

This James Bond spoof film features an action sequence with a river and street in central Paris, France just as the later James Bond movie A View to a Kill (1985) would do in the same city exactly around a decade later. Driving stuntman and car stunt designer Rémy Julienne worked on the sequences for both of these pictures.

This James Bond spoof film features the same vehicle type from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968). Ian Fleming was the author of that film's source book as well as the literary creator of James Bond.

Intelligence agencies included the French Secret Service and English S.I.S. [Secret Intelligence Service].

Huguette Funfrock, playing Queen Elizabeth II in this James Bond spoof, would also later portray the Queen of England again in Mad Mission 3: Our Man from Bond Street (1984) [Mad Mission Part 3: Our Man From Bond Street], another James Bond spoof with Asian connections.

Lois Maxwell: The real original Miss Moneypenny from the James Bond series as Miss Moneypenny, the actual same character name from the Bond franchise.

Bernard Lee: The real original M from the James Bond series as M, the actual same character name from the Bond franchise.

There is a parody of the EON Productions James Bond Series opening gun-barrel sequence in which James Bond dies. Her Majesty's Secret Service must then replace him.