• WARNING: Spoilers

    When a Los Angeles fashion photographer, named Mark (John Kramer), rejects his boss, Diane (Mary Woronov), model selection, he is ordered to find an alternate girl by nightfall. Later that day, at a swimming pool photo shoot, Mark discovers Mandy Clark (Tara Strohmeier), a ditzy model's assistant who jumps into the water to rescue her employer. Mandy joins models Barbara Cooper (Pat Anderson) and Claire Lewis (Lindsey Bloom), and Mark escorts the girls to Hong Kong. There, they check into a hotel, unaware that they are under the surveillance of Kulik (Vic Diaz), a Chinese gangster.

    The following day, Claire refuses Mark's requests to pose nude as Barbara and Mandy are fitted for gowns by a seamstress named Juanita (Zenaida Amador). When the models leave, Juanita secretly sews a small role of microfilm into Barbara's dress. After a runway show that evening, Peter Lai, a representative of the Cosmic Camera Company, offers Mark a free camera in exchange for a meeting the following day. Meanwhile, Barbara leaves for a party wearing the microfilm-laden gown, and Juanita telephones Kulik in a panic.

    At the party, a self-proclaimed travel agent, named Ray Chua (Tony Ferrara), flirts with Barbara. When he steps aside to procure drinks, Peter lures Barbara outside and she is attacked by a group of men; however, Ray returns to fight off the assailants. He then takes Barbara to his houseboat, where they make love. Meanwhile, Mark tricks Mandy into posing nude and seduces her. The next morning, Barbara returns the gown and Juanita discovers the microfilm missing. As Mark and the girls travel the island, Juanita and Kulik break into Barbara's room, only to find the microfilm back inside the gown.

    That evening, Barbara is attacked by Kulik's gang while she is on her way to meet Ray, and Ray comes to the rescue yet again. When the men report back to Kulik, the gangster orders the lead henchman beheaded and suspects the others have betrayed him. Later, Barbara finds her hotel room vandalized, but Mark discourages her from alerting the police since they are scheduled to fly to Singapore the following day, and he does not want to be detained.

    At the Singapore airport, Claire spots Sam Melson (Mark LeBuse), a famous American film director, and his assistant, Tracy Marks (Nory Wright), who is the daughter of Singapore's U.S. ambassador. Mark rushes Claire into a taxi before she can introduce herself to the filmmakers. Meanwhile, Kulik bribes a Singapore customs agent to retrieve Barbara's dress. When Barbara telephones Ray's office, she learns that he is also in Singapore on business, and Claire suggests that she surprise her lover.

    The next day, Mark arranges a rendezvous with Claire, then locks Mandy in her room so she will not discover the affair; however, Mandy sees the couple leaving from her hotel window. On the date, Claire again sees Melson and Tracy. When she approaches them, they invite her to a disco and she leaves Mark behind. Mark returns to Mandy, but she refuses him. Elsewhere, Melson tells Claire about his recent production, which features a tough, yet classy, prostitute who is fashioned after Tracy. Claire asks for an audition, but Melson replies that models cannot act.

    Deciding to prove Melson wrong, Claire dresses the role the following evening and meets the director in a seedy bar. There, Claire is mistaken for a prostitute and accosted by a sailor. An undercover police officer defends the girl, then throws her in jail. After Mark posts Claire's bail the next morning, the two share an intimate embrace; however, Mandy catches them in the act and angrily rides away on a bicycle. When she discovers another fashion photographer and publisher, Howard Shaw (more or less playing himself, arguing with his model (Barbara Perez), she becomes the girl's replacement.

    That evening, Claire makes a second attempt to lure Melson, this time dressed as Tracy, but she is kidnapped by the People's Liberation Army, who mistake her for the ambassador's daughter. The rebel leader (A.C. Castro) soon learns that Claire is an impostor and threatens to rape her, but he changes his mind after looking into her eyes, then returns her to the hotel.

    Meanwhile, Mark convinces Mandy to pose nude, claiming that the photographs are for elite magazines. Mandy soon learns of Mark's deceit, however, when the publisher, Howard, asks her permission print the images. Howard reveals that Mark sold the photographs to an unsavory voyeuristic publication.

    The next day, at the hotel pool, Barbara is approached by two men who offer to purchase the microfilm, but she claims ignorance. When they grab her, she breaks away and appeals for help from a police officer who does not speak English. As a last resort, Barbara reveals her breasts and is arrested for indecent exposure. At the police station, she meets Tom Mahoney (Ken Metcalfe), a U.S. Central Intelligence Agent who explains that Ray is his colleague and the microfilm lists the identities of Chinese spies. Ray's mission was to replace Kulik's microfilm with a counterfeit duplicate, but Barbara left Hong Kong too early for him to make the exchange. The two hotel assailants were Taiwanese communists, not Kulik's men. Tom orders Barbara to warn Ray that his identity is no longer secret, and that the original microfilm is in Singapore.

    Sometime later, Barbara, Mandy, and Claire find Kulik's compound, where Ray is meeting with the gangster and his boss. Before they can warn Ray, Mark appears with the camera he received from the Cosmic Camera Company and asks Kulik to check inside for the microfilm. Kulik signals his men to kill his adversaries and a gunfight ensues. Mark grabs Mandy and escapes. Just then, the People's Liberation Army leader kills a group of Kulik's guards and seizes Clarie, but he is shot and killed. Meanwhile, Ray chases Kulik, who is holding Barbara at gunpoint. As the girl kicks the gangster down a staircase, Kulik's boss grabs the microfilm and takes off in a helicopter, but Ray open fires and the aircraft explodes.

    Sometime later back in the USA, Mark is arrested. Melson offers Claire the lead role in his film, but she scoffs. Mandy receives a $50,000 contract proposal from Howard, and faints. Ray asks Barbara to join him for dinner, wearing the microfilm-laden gown. Outside the restaurant, she is startled to see the Taiwanese communists, but Ray tells her to relax and they walk inside to discover that every female patron is wearing an identical dress. The communists walk away in frustration.