J.H. Kilbourne: I ran a check on you, Mr. Harper. You are not stupid.

Lew Harper: I have my moments.

J.H. Kilbourne: You wanna live, don't you? To a ripe old age?

Lew Harper: I'd hate to think that I was making those Social Security payments for nothing.

Schuyler Devereaux: Door was unlocked.

Lew Harper: Still is kid - out!

Schuyler Devereaux: Come on Lew, gimme a break.

Lew Harper: You're either a very good guesser or you're a cop.

Schuyler Devereaux: Swimming's a good way to relax but I know a better way.

Schuyler Devereaux: Never had anyone turn me down before.

Lew Harper: There's a first time for everything.

[She slaps him, then he slaps her]

Lew Harper: Sorry about that.

Schuyler Devereaux: No you're not.

Lew Harper: That's right, I'm not.

Schuyler Devereaux: How do you do Mr Harper?

Lew Harper: Oh sometimes I do better than others.

Schuyler Devereaux: Well I hope so.

Lew Harper: What's Pat Reavis really like?

Schuyler Devereaux: He was fun. Mild psychopaths often are if you don't cross them.

J.H. Kilbourne: See I'm not like most fols who get their kicks head on, I sort of slide in sideways like. As a matter of fact in High School they used to call me the crab.

Lew Harper: Oh.

J.H. Kilbourne: Now you take the oil businesss, my business, it's never any fun to drill straight down. I'm a slant driller by instinct.

Lew Harper: Are you slant-drilling me?

J.H. Kilbourne: You know what she wants to do with that land, Mr. Harper? She wants to turn it into a Goddam sanctuary for birds!

Lew Harper: I think that's kind of sweet.

J.H. Kilbourne: Well now, look, I'm all for saving wildlife like the next fella, but we gotta think about America's future. Energy sources just aren't that easy to come by.

Lew Harper: Aha! Did you come to that conclusion out of patriotism or just greed?

J.H. Kilbourne: [after a pause] Little of both, Mr Harper, - like most men of wealth.

Lew Harper: What do you want me to do?

Iris Devereaux: I want you to make it like it was 6 years ago.

Lew Harper: Your sense of timing amazes me.

Lew Harper: I'd just like to try a little conversation first.

Gretchen: Sure, you wanna call me dirty names?

Lew Harper: No, I didn't say that.

Gretchen: You want me to call you dirty names?

Mavis: It's not nice to look up lady's dresses.

Lew Harper: Everyone's got to look somewhere.

Schuyler Devereaux: How'd you like to help me put on some suntan lotion?

Lew Harper: Wont help honey, you're gonna be burned out by the time you're 30.

Lew Harper: You have a problem, you have no talent for swearing.

Lew Harper: Personally I think you help up rather well.

J.H. Kilbourne: Mavis maybe you should go for a walk.

Candy: How long a walk J. Hugh?

J.H. Kilbourne: Average, just average.

[repeated line]

J.H. Kilbourne: Outstanding!

J.H. Kilbourne: You remember what I told you Mr Harper, about my crab-like ways.

Lew Harper: All that passion and light-fingered at the same time.

Lt. Franks: I spotted your car.

Lew Harper: You spotted my car? I hope it comes off, it's a rental!

Lew Harper: [taking off his sunglasses] Boy, do you look terrific!

Iris Devereaux: [touching his gray hair] So do you, except you got a little over your ears there.

Iris Devereaux: It's the only difference. Everything else works about the same.

Iris Devereaux: I don't know where to start.

Lew Harper: Why don't you start where you stopped yesterday.

Iris Devereaux: [after a pause] I'm frightened, Lew!

Lew Harper: That's a good place.

Iris Devereaux: [as a man is staring at them in an antigue store] Is he looking at me?

Lew Harper: I think he was a little more interested in me.

Bartender: How you like the Coon-Ass Beer, man?

Lew Harper: [belching] It works.

Schuyler Devereaux: [to Harper] Don't you think I'm kinda sexy?

Lt. Franks: You know that you assaulted a police officer?

Lew Harper: Not important. I don't think Broussard likes you anymore.

[last lines]

Gretchen: Harper, you're not such a tough guy.