Needing extras with short haircuts to reflect the period, the producers recruited from nearby military bases.

In an interview Annette O'Toole talked about doing her first nude scene ever in this film. "I've always looked at nudity like it's just part of it. You read about it when you fIrst get the script; if you have any problem with it, then you don't go in for the part. To me, this happens to be my costume for the scene, it's just a little colder than normal. I remember the very first nude scene I did was with Jack Lemmon. We did a film called THE ENTERTAINER, which was a musical adaptation of a John Osborne play. We did a cut for American television, and a separate one for European film release. Of course, for the European one, we had to be naked and that was the hardest one because it was my first love scene. I remember before the scene, I was sitting thinking, 'In two hours, this will be over. You can do it!' And then when I got to the scene, it was as anything. Maybe that's why I don't have that big a problem, because it's just another scene."