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  • yalghar12 June 2005
    This is one movie which certainly deserves 10 out of 10 since it has all the elements which a good movie should have.Amitabh gives an awesome performance in the role of a murderer hiding in the house of a police officer but unwillingly as his wife has been his girlfriend before her marriage.Sanjeev Kumar as always,gives a bravo performance in the role of a helpless police officer who cannot take hold of a criminal because his son is his hostage.Although Sanjeev Kumar's role is a supporting one,it is very difficult to decide who has acted better between him and Amitabh.Sharmila Tagore also gives a great performance in the role of a woman trapped between her husband and her ex-lover.There is no flaw in the movie and the story all and all is 10 out of 10.Its a must for everyone!!!
  • This is an incredible journey, with maybe enough plot for three movies. Trouble was there was nothing new, it was just amazing how well it was all packed in. It has something for everyone – love, passion, male-bonding, jealousy, self-sacrifice, trust, hate, sorrow, regret and big time redemption. And flashbacks and some nice music.

    Man on the run from police for the murder of the murderer of his sister holes up in police officer's house, who is married to his ex with a little son. He doesn't want to leave as it means the cops might catch him, the cop wants him to leave but is playing ball with a gun to his head for his family's sake, while his wife and son – and so on and on. To say there's a lot of ideas and plot twists is to put it mildly – for a while it even resembles a stage play with the intensity of Le Jour Se Leve or Petrified Forest, with a nod to Key Largo. And in a sometimes garishly fascinating colour. The young Amitabh Bachchan never looked more dashing; only the young can portray such desperation - the old would mix it with more fatalism and just tend to look pathetic. There's so much story that any technical shortcomings are ignorable – for instance I never got used to the Bollywood convention of someone being socked on the chin to the sound of a horse apparently being loudly carpet-beaten. But I suppose it helps dispel any sense of realism from sneaking in, which is no bad thing.

    If you like a good complicated yarn you shouldn't fall asleep watching this film! At the end they ask What Is Life – just a procession of memories? This will leave you with a fine procession of memories because all of Life is in here.
  • Amitabh Bachchan as the vengeful brother is on the run after killing the villain, but as the fate would have it, he hides in Sharmila Tagore's house holding her young son ( Ever so lovable Master Raju!) to ransom, her husband ( Sanjeev Kumar) himself the Police Inspector in charge of catching him...Good screenplay, excellent acting by all lead actors, haunting song by Kishore: "Main pyaasa tum saawan " that keeps repeating ... Go watch it..Worth 'two' dekho!!

    The Direction by Shankar Mukherjee who directed earlier thrillers " Mahal" is in his elements, so is the Music Director and the rest of them...
  • Watched this movie especially as an Amitabh Bacchan (AB) fan, but was not disappointed as it had a good story and actors like Sanjeev Kumar, Sharmila Tagore, with one popular song. On seeing this picture, it reminds one about lot of other Hindi films like Itefaq and Prem Kahani, although with a twist in the story of each of them. The success of this movie would have been subdued by lot of other super hit films released in 1975 like Sholay, Deewar which had AB himself acting in them. If this picture had another hit song, then it would have been more successful. Worth seeing for once if one has time and has a passion to see Bollywood movies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well Faraar without doubt is a well made film with commendable performances between amitabh and Sanjev Kumar with able support from Sharmila tagore.This is the first film of Sanjeev Kumar and amitabh Bachchan together and both are in their form.It is also the only time Amitabh and Sharmila looked romantic together on screen.Their chemistry in the timeless song-Main Pyaasa Tum saawan is simply amazing.Although the film was good yet probably due to other big films of Amitabh in 1975-Sholay,deewar,Chupke chupke,Mili and Zameer-farar somehow did only average business and it was only later that it gained popularity thanks to screening on Doordarshan.The plot was well made and although on the lines on Ittefaq and 36 Ghante still stands out although the production values are not that great.Also a very interesting thing is that both Amitabh and rajesh Khanna had 2 films in 1975-Faraar and Prem Kahani where the plot was similar.While Faraar was an interesting casting Amitabh-Sanjeev-Sharmila yet Raj Khoslas Prem Khanai with Rajesh Khanna-Shashi Kapoor-Mumtaz-Vinod Khanna was the BIGGER film.yet to each his/her own-both films are good and well made. However there is a very interesting fact about Faraar-whether aby dies in the end or not.The end which we see is Big B dying in it(which is the end which keeps coming) .However I have a very very distinct memory of Big b surviving and being shown in the hospital(extremely rare one) and master raju is talking to him.However,I have tried watching it many times over but never watched the surviving Amitabh end again.I asked this with many fans of Amitabh so many times but no-none remembers.In fact i had dismissed it as some of my dream sequence probably.Finally getting confirmation from 1-2 people that the other end was in fact a very very very rare version and got to see the end where he survives on youtube.So it is the first of a kind where there are 2 ends!!!
  • kichdi31 July 2012
    Amitabh has acted superbly as a fugitive on the run, he has played the role to perfection. Sanjeev too has played superbly & Sharmila is at best too. When top 3 of a movie perform well then the movie has to be good. Faraar has Amitabh in the lead & also leads the pack with his unmatched acting ability. This is a movie which is not of the same storyline as Ittefaq of the superstar Rajesh Khanna but is similar with the hero running all through the movie as a fugitive. I liked Ittefaq, Faraar & 36 Ghante of the seasoned Raaj Kumar starrer. All 3 were simply superb movies with no errors.

    There is no fun if I write the story here, with the ratings it is better to watch & see the power house performers display their superb acting prowess. This movie I am going to watch this week for the 2nd time in few days.
  • sharankandhai17 February 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is definitely not one of Amitabh's best movies though worth seeing. The story revolves around Amitabh who kills the rapist of his sister, is arrested and sentenced to the death penalty. He escapes from jail and hides in the house of Sanjeev Kumar, his wife and their son. Now Sanjeev Kumar's wife is Sharmila Tagore who was Amitabh's girlfriend before she married Sanjeev. By the way, Sanjeev is a police inspector who is supposed to arrest the big B. This movie has two endings. One, Amitabh gets shot in the end and is rushed to the hospital and survives and goes to jail. Second, Amitabh is shot in the end and dies. Popular song " Main Pyaasa Tum Saawan".