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  • Foster and Laurie is the true story of the murder of two New York City policeman by black revolutionaries. Outstanding performances by the cast all the way around. The made for TV movie tells the parallel stories of the policemen and their assassins leading up to the murders in flashback style. Effort is made to present the killers as actual people and not just cardboard cutouts and commendably the initial racial tension between Foster and Laurie is shown.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Foster and Laurie the film is a beautifully done true story of two slain men in blue.I just watched this movie and it still makes a huge impression on me.I saw it for the first time when I was a young teenager.I never forgot this movie.Perry King as Rocco Laurie and Dorian Harewood as Gregory Foster were superb picks for the two police officers.I had forgotten that a young Talia Shire played the young wife of Rocco Laurie.The actress who played the young wife of Gregory Foster was wonderful.I remember her in a lot of films from the seventies.The film had a gritty realistic look about it.Look out for a young James Woods who plays a drug addict.He did a wonderful job throughout the film.The one thing that stands out for me in this film is the fact that I have always thought that beat police officers are special.Our country needs beat police officers again in every neighborhood.I highly recommend this movie.I have this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I can almost count on my hands the police stories I've been attached to (movies or shows), but this is one of them (I saw it when it was first on). It was based on a true story, of course (before that became such a rule with TV movies), and showed Foster and Laurie slowly "bonding" (which of course is a police movie cliché, when it comes to teams of two, but was very well-done here), after mistrusting each other, mainly for racial reasons. Strangely enough, the story showed the two wives encouraging the mistrust to some degree (evidently, neither one ever met her husband's partner, and they never met each other until the last scene, when the shooting brought them together). Perry King and Dorian Harewood had really great "chemistry" in this movie. I know that they've tried since then to do entire series together (in one of them, playing half-brothers), but it never worked out. Without knowing police shows to speak of, even I know that Charles Haid is a real veteran of them, so it's fitting that he was in this story (quite some time before Hill Street Blues and so on). One police show I do know well is Barney Miller (which was just taking off in 1975), and I seem to remember (I haven't seen it in a while) Max Gail being in it, too, playing a doctor.
  • I thought about the Dick Fleisher's film all long this awesome TV stuff, and also about Jo Wambaugh's atmosphere, including of course POLICE STORY TV show schemes in which this terrific TV movie topic could have belonged to. Typical from the seventies, speaking of racism and political groups. Yes, a real must see, a sort of witness of its era. Realistic performances. Moving characters.