Eric Ambler's source 'Journey into Fear' novel is said to have greatly influenced 'Ian Fleming''s novel (and therefore also the film of) From Russia with Love (1963).

The character of Colonel Haki (played in this film by Joseph Wiseman who had been Dr. No (1962)) also appears in Eric Ambler's novel and film of The Mask of Dimitrios (1944) where Colonel Haki was played by Kurt Katch. In the original Journey Into Fear (1943), Colonel Haki was played by Orson Welles. Wiseman is the third and last person to date to play the character.

According to 'Halliwells', this film when first released "was for obscure legal reasons hardly seen".

This movie was made and released thirty-five years after the novel of the same name by author Eric Ambler was first published in 1940, and about thirty-two years after the original adaptation Journey Into Fear (1943).

Stanley Holloway's final film.

First major Hollywood production to be filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

In 2001, Stan Douglas, an artist based in Canada's Vancouver (where this film was shot) did a second remake of Journey Into Fear (1943) but this third version this time was as a film installation with a recombinant soundtrack.